We are not sure we can live in a baseball world where Joe Torre loses his job and somehow Dusty Baker finds another one.

Joe Torre: For all the vitriol we spew at the Yankees and their fans here at RI, there are few people in baseball that we respect more than Joe Torre. Sure other managers, if given a $150-200 million payroll for 12 seasons, would have won. But there is not another manager in baseball that would have gone to the playoffs 12 straight years and won 4 titles. Everybody has an off-year. Torre never let the Yankees have an off-year. Amazing.

So that leaves us with one last thing to say…and this is directed at Randy Levine and the next generation of Steinbrenners…THANK YOU. Thank you for being idiots. Thank you for getting rid of the best manager in baseball. You just made the AL East a lot more winnable for the other 4 teams.

Dusty Baker: Is an idiot, and we wouldn’t want him anywhere near the Devil Rays. We would rather let Hal McRae manage the team again.



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