Congratulations to the Red Sox on advancing to the World Series, but for the next 6-10 days we are Colorado Rockies fans, and it is not for the reasons that you might think…

  • This is not because we hate the Red Sox (even though we do)
  • This is not because we resent the Red Sox $6.4 trillion payroll (it’s really more of a jealousy thing)
  • This is not because Pink Hat Nation and their legion of bandwaggoners annoy us to no end (some of them do)…besides…At least they have a Nation. We know that Manny Stiles speaks of the Devil Rays Universe, but in comparison, it really is more like the “Devil Rays Zip Code”
  • And it is not because we are dreading having to listen to all the excuses that Yankee fans come up with when the Red Sox win (even though it is annoying)
  • And this is not because we secretly love purple (we don’t)

No. We are jumping on the Rockies bandwagon because if they win the World Series it raises the bar for our own Devil Rays.

How? Since 1993, the Devil Rays are one of four expansion teams added to Major League Baseball. If the Rockies win the World Series this season, it will mark the 4th championship from that group and the Rays would be the only one of that quartet without a title. Finishing in last place of the AL East nine times in 10 years, is bad enough, but if the Rox are champs, the Rays failures become even more magnified, and the bar will be raised.

The goal of any sports franchise should be to win championships. Not .500. Not a winning season. Not the playoffs. The goal for the 2008 Devil Rays should be the World Series and nothing else. Crazy? Maybe. But so is barbecuing in the nude. Besides, worse to first is not unheard of (1991 Minnesota Twins), even in this town (1979 Tampa Bay Buccaneers). The bar should be raised.

A Rockies title and the bar would be raised, even though the bar should be high already. And if the Rockies win the Series (and we will be rooting every step of the way) we will spend the next year slapping the Rays front office on the ass with the bar.



  1. mlmintampa says:

    Normally, you should root for the American League because it's a better brand of baseball. Unless it's the Red Sox. In that case, go Rockies. Also, the Rockies are giving a share to the Mike Coolbaugh family. But, I'm a Yankee fan, so you might not want to follow my lead.

  2. Ben says:

    I know i'll be rooting for the rockies just so the "red sox nation" doesn't get anymore bandwagon chowderheads from palm harbor or clearwater who will swarm to the trop when their beloved red sox come to town decked out in the pink hats and green jerseys, just waiting for big papi to hit one outta the park. Ranting I know but atleast we wont have to deal with them till july.

  3. Scott says:

    Wait, are you saying I'm crazy because my neighbors get to see my junk when I BBQ?

  4. Manny Stiles says:

    I can't even call it "Devil" Rays Universe anymore! (scratches head yet knows he'll come up with "something")

    Bar-B-Q'ing naked is nothing! Try deep frying naked for REAL fun!!! Or welding...

    Go Rockies!! Eph those myopic Bill Simmons clones and their legume filled Farttown. I hope the Patriots lose too!


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