It has now been two weeks since the new Tampa Bay Rays uniforms were leaked on the internets, once again proving that the internet is spawned by true evil. The initial reaction was anywhere from Kevin Federline (disinterest) to a Root Canal (pure hatred), with very little support for the changes. Our initial reaction was that we thought there was potential. We don’t hate the new uniforms but we do feel they could have been better. Yes they are boring, but we think “boring” has more staying power. In the end we are still waiting to see the uniforms “live” to make a more accurate assessment. Below we have added a few more thoughts of our own now that we have digested them for two weeks and have had a chance to be influenced by the opinions of people smarter than we are. Those are followed by a summary of a few of our favorite comments from the original post.

  • We have never had much thought one way or another ever since we first heard that the Devil Rays would be changing their name to the Rays. Hell, we named this site “Rays Index” because most people have long referred to the team as the “Rays” or the “D-Rays”. but now that the change is official, we feel like we will miss the Devil. So we made an executive decision…we will continue to refer to the team as the “Devil Rays”, no matter what the official name is. Really…what has changed concerning the name? It has been “Rays” on the front for a while now.
  • The colors don’t bother us, but they are not as inspiring as we had hoped when we heard that the colors would be blue and yellow. Many think the new unis look like some combination of the Royals, Mariners and Rangers. Many people have come forward supporting the current color scheme as one that is unique and helps the Rays stand out from the rest of the league. We have a feeling the backlash would have been just as great had the team switched from these new unis to the green. We always liked the current uniforms, but were never fans of the green jersey which looks like a batting practice jersey.
  • They need to have “Tampa Bay” on the front of the road uniforms. To go with “Rays” home and road, makes the team look like a generic team used in some feel-good sunday night movie.
  • A few of the players will wear their pants the correct way. That is, above the ankles. If the team wants to add some flavor to the unis, GIVE US SOME GOD DAMNED STIRRUPS!

Best comment roundup…

I like the Navy color. Not crazy about the font, and really don’t like the little gold star on the R. The baseball diamond, and I guess the overall font treatment look like something my dad created in photoshop. My dad is 70. [Anonymous]

I just hate that Brian Stokes modeled for these drawings that totally dooms them, I am waiting for the unveiling to make a real decision [Anonymous]

I like the classic look. Reminds me of the phillies a bit. And call me crazy, but I like the navy/light blue combo (though I’ve always been a UNC fan, so maybe i’m a little biased). All in all, I think they’ll look good once we actually see them live. [Aki-4-Prez]

Gee, blue and white uniforms, how **yawwwn*** original. These lame ass things look like something out of a bad 80’s video game…I agree with a lot of postings, they look a lot like the Padres, Rangers, Mariners, Dodgers, and especially the Royals – which is not a franchise that should be emulated…As for the Photoshop logo, I think this is actually a stock item from the Sports Authority; “Hi! My over weight softball team needs a logo. We’ll take…uhh…how bout this crappy little diamond one?” [Kaz Rules]

There seems to be a thought that sturrips could improve the looks…I agree…Make the sturrips huge, elastic and about six feet tall so the Rays can pull them all the way up and over the horrible uniforms [KeepTheTrop]

SUCKS! These uniforms are a joke. First – they’re boring. Second – royal blue is the ROYALS color. Third – where is the creativity and the progression forward in design as the Broncos did in football and as the Bucs did. Come up with a “new color” or add something that’s unique like the Bucs did with the skull and cross bones. [Anonymous]

On a scale of 1 to 10, these uniforms suck. [Rays Rules]

I’m getting a sorta seattle mariners vibe with that yellow star thing, Also not crazy about the white pants, but if stirrups or high socks were worn I think it would make them pretty classy uniforms. [Ben]

I think the uniforms are boring and show no creativity whatsoever….it looks like the uniforms were designed by high school kids in art class…Once again, another bad move by a consistently bad organization. [Anonymous]

The new uniforms are OK but not nearly as nice as the current set, especially the home jersey uniform. Also, it looks exactly like the Royals uniforms and the “wave” swoosh on the R in Rays is a little silly. I’m wearing my green gear to next years games. Hopefully I can get some cheap green jerseys in the next few weeks. [Anonymous]

Why iz everywun maeking fun of my uniform dezine?! -Signed, Billy Simmons, Tampa Elem. School, Grade 3 [Billys Rays]

You have got to be kidding me with these. I hate the new “color scheme”…As far as the uni’s though, my god. We look almost identical to the Royals and Dodgers and even the Padres. That sunburst creates an idiotic double entendre with the word Rays, which by the way is now the blandest nickname in all of pro sports. I also find the sunburst ironic since we PLAY IN A DOME. The road uniforms not saying “Tampa Bay” is an insult to everyone in this area, and I’m sick of the team’s weak attempts to “regionalize” and bring in places like Orlando and Naples…As far as boring vs. modern, classic does not = boring. The Detroit Tigewrs uniforms are not boring. The Blackhawks, Packers, etc, all have classic looks without being boring. These uniforms are an absolute disgrace. With the history of this franchise (which I still love), I don’t know if I should be surprised or not that all of the build-up and all of the effort and undoubtedly money that went into the process yielded what we see before us today. Just an airball on all counts. [Bobby Fenton]

Let me start by saying that I am a big fan of the current Rays uniforms, and feel that they have never gotten their full due. However, what bothers me most about these new uniforms is actually not the new colors but the design…they could have taken the current design and just switched the old green color scheme for the new blue one and it would have been MUCH better… it looks like an amateur did this on Photoshop. The logos with the baseball diamond in the background look like something a little league team would make up…Not using “Tampa Bay” on the away uniforms not only looks bad, but could lead some of the more paranoid fans to believe the Rays are leaving their options open when it comes to relocation. [Tony]

I can handle the dropping of “Devil” from the team’s name, but question the change from a unique color to one shared by many teams. And I agree with other posters in that not having Tampa Bay on the road uniforms is an insult to the area. Is the new owner of the Rays trying to become Florida’s answer to the hated Orioles owner Peter Angelos? The Orioles don’t have Baltimore on their road uniforms as they too are trying to expand their regional following. [Jackson]

Why fix something that ain’t broke?! The Tampa Bay green is really nice, unique and different. There is way too much blue in MLB. Come on, whoever made this decision is missing the boat. For a troubled organization, at least the green unis were the best thing going for them. Bad move to go with the new blue unis. No doubt they will not sell as well as the green. Just a bad bad move. [Anonymous]

H O R R I B L E…Everything about these are bad, the colors, uniforms, and especially the font…Just when we got an awesome logo, one that people can wear with pride around town. If we have to change to this, we should just wear the old 1998 rainbow uniforms again because these are as bad as those. [Anonymous]

I am not crazy about the new uniforms. Heck, I think the current uniforms are great! Just drop the “devil” from the name and you’re all set. I haven’t called them the Devil Rays for years. I’ve called them a bunch of other names, none of which I’ll repeat here. [Anonymous]



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