Mariners 8, Devil Rays 7.
The Devil Rays have now lost th…[STOP]


  • The Devil Rays are now 61-86 and have fallen 2 games behind the Orioles in the AL East and 1.5 games behind the White Sox for the worst record in baseball.
    • With 15 games remaining, the Rays need to finish 2-13 to avoid 100 losses.
    • Tampa Bay needs to go 10-5 to set the franchise record for wins in a season.
    • A 12-3 finish and the Rays will avoid 90 losses for the first time ever.
  • Dan Wheeler is 0-4 with a 6.63 ERA since being acquired from Houston. [USA Today]
  • Rays of Light obtained a quote from a source close to Scott Kazmir that says the young hurler is ready to sign a long-term extension this off-season. We thought the team would try to secure Kid K last winter, but now it sounds like Kazmir may have been the one that was not receptive to the idea. Kazmir will be eligible for arbitration for the first time this winter, and is still three seasons from becoming free agent-eligible. The Rays will try to buy out as many of Kazmir’s free agency years as possible, but we would be surprised if the contract would be for more that four years, effectively eliminating only one of the free agency years. [Rays of Light]
  • In a move that is no surprise the Rays have announced that Rocco Baldelli is being shut down for the season. As we originally suspected, the move to have Rocco travel with the team on the current road trip, appears to be more of a psychological move to have Rocco feel like he is part of the team. [Devil Rays]

Though Baldelli could not — or would not — report on what specific tests have been conducted, he noted that everything to date had come back negative and said, “I would think I’m a pretty healthy 25-year-old.”…Baldelli expects to be back in the Major Leagues next season…”Once we know exactly what we’re dealing with, we move it along,” Rays manager Joe Maddon said. “My thing is just get him back for next year. Be smart about this.”

  • Carl Crawford began serving his 2-game suspension. We never heard exactly what CC was suspended for, but we imagine that the official report in the commissioner’s office states that “Carl Crawford has been suspended for two (2) games for behaving like a 4-year old whose parents would not buy him a toy at the mall.” []
  • Tom Singer breaks down the AL candidates for Comeback Player of the Year. [MLB]
  • It’s been a while, but we have a new idiot on the “move the Rays” bandwagon. [MLB Rumors]


  1. rob says:

    Does Brian Stokes have naked pictures of someone's wife?

    If not, how can he keep inflicting misery on Rays fans month after month after month?

    Failure has a name, and it is Brian Stokes. The dude has been tireless in blowing game after game ... he is the baseball anti-Christ ... every time he steps on the field the Rays should hire a priest to perform an exorcism ... the other Rays players throw salt behind their backs if Stokes crosses their path .. he is an albatross, a Jonah, a curse, a jinx, by all that is Holy please trade him for whatever you can get, a sack of potatoes would be a good deal, a hand full of beans would be sufficient, whatever but buy all that is Holy please do not let him pitch again!!! What the hell can Madden be thinking by inserting the futility that is Brian Stokes into a game, no matter how large the lead?

    I don't care if we are up 9 to 1, Stokes can blow that lead in a heartbeat!!! Not that he will give up all ten runs himself, he will merely give up five runs and then pass the "STOKES CURSE" onto the next reliever!!! The happiest day of the Rays' existence will be the day he is off the team.

  2. The Professor says:

    I couldn't have said it better myself

    there are better pieces in the bullpen for certain, but this bullpen is far from being good and is still not even average.


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