Angels 2, Devil Rays 1.
Come back in a little bit for a big announcement.


  • Justin Ruggiano made his major league debut last night. To make room on the 40-man roster, the Rays designated Wes Bankston for assignment. []
  • Brendan Harris was unavailable again yesterday after pulling a muscle in batting practice on Tuesday. [TBO]
  • As far as late-season rookie hazing goes, Aki Iwamura got off easy (Dice-K was made to dress like a Teletubby). On the other hand, Aki’s interpretor looks like he is in pain. []
  • There is a Devil Ray that holds a major league record. Scott Aldred from 1998 currently holds the record and the record is about to go down and its going down hard. [Baseball Prospectus]
  • David Chalk is not happy that the Rays are dropping the “Devil”. He feels the team name has not been marketed properly, offering his own “suggestion”. [Bugs & Cranks]
  • I organized my first “Rotisserie Baseball League” in 1988 (I had Kirk Gibson on my team). And SimonOnSports reminds us why we stopped playing fantasy baseball 2 years ago. Too many people now believe that Fantasy Baseball is more important than the real thing. You see, Simon apparently got “kicked in the groin” when the Devil Rays decided to shut James Shields down for the season and Simon is pissed off that Joe Maddon did not personally inform Simon of the decision in time for him to make a roster move. Apparently the Rays are idiots for caring more about the longterm health of their young Ace rather than Simon’s fantasy baseball team. [SimonOnSports]
  • The folks at Roto Authority, on the other hand, understand that when a young pitcher bests his previous career high in pitches thrown, they are at a very high risk of suffering an injury or a dead arm in the following season. [Roto Authority]

With Jamie Shields shut down for the season (smart move) let’s take a look at his breakout 2007 season…Boiling all of these peripherals in a big stat cauldron gives us a 3.62 ERA to go with that 1.22 WHIP (in 2008). With the right win total that could garner some Cy votes…Speaking of which, with that many innings I think he could pick up 15 or 16 wins in 2008. He’s quietly becoming the AL’s Aaron Harang, even pitching in the East. His changeup is top ten in the game and he’s got two other above average pitches as well.

  • John Sickels takes a close look at two of the top left-handed pitching prospects in baseball, Jake McGee and Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers. [Minor League Ball]

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  1. Simon says:

    Ha, I'm not that upset about it. It's more that I think people are overly cautious for no reason in the big leagues now. Has he complained about any soreness or any injury. He said he has slight fatigue. Than why for his last three starts has Madden left him in in the 7th or 8th inning.

    On the opposite end the Drays have no problem with running out Kazmir for his last two starts when his pitch total is larger than Shields and he has a larger history of injury problems.

    You can point out people where the workload increase has effected them the following season. And I can easily point out cases where it hasn't. CC Sabathia in 2001 had a major increase and didn't suffer a decline in his 2nd year and Dan Haren in 2004 increased his workload from a career high 101 to 174. And the next season he posted a 3.73 ERA with the A's. Both have continued to be workload horses every season since.

    It's precaution for no real solid reason. You may say what's the point in pushing him, we need to look to the future. But when your replacement starter is getting pummeled by the Yankees next weekend and while the Red Sox are losing the division lead it will matter in real baseball terms as well.


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