Blue Jays 7, Devil Rays 2.
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  • When we first read the headline “Reports: Rays’ Maddon to get extension” we thought “why would the Rays extend Maddon’s contract when they could just pick up the two-year option on the existing contract?” Then we remembered that hires editors to write headlines that know nothing about baseball. There is a subtle, but very important difference between picking up an option that already exists and giving somebody an extension and adding years to a contract that do not already exist. A distinction that is lost on the folks at [MLB]
  • Of course the headline at St. Pete Times “Maddon back for two years”, is not exactly correct either. Yes, the option is for two years, but Joe Maddon will never see the second year of that option. This is how every pro sports team handles coaches/managers. At the end of 2008 the Rays will either fire Maddon or they will sign him to a new contract. No coach ever enters a season with only one year left on a contract. Players have a habit of not playing hard or listening to managers if they think he won’t be back the next season and they will. When was the last time you heard of a manager that becomes a free agent because their contract expired? [St. Pete Times]
  • In another non-story story on, Bill Chastain feels the need to inform us that Carlos Pena wants to play for the Devil Rays next year. Of course, Pena has no choice in the matter, since he will not be a free agent. While he was signed to just a 1-year contract this season, Pena is only arbitration eligible and hell will freeze over before the Rays decline the arbitration. [MLB]
  • We understand that all players go through cold-spells, but is it us or is Jonny Gomesa little too comfortable with his? [TBO]

“I’ve gone through these slides since T-ball,” he said of his most recent slump. “That’s what you’re getting with me.”

  • For those that like to talk about how well the Rays play against the Yankees and the Red Sox, we point you to Doberman on the Diamond. They have listed the most lopsided match-ups in the history of major league baseball. The Devil Rays are on the wrong end of the TOP TWO. The Rays are 54-109 (.331) all-time against the New York Yankees and 56-107 (.344) against the Red Sox. The Rangers are the only other team that has a winning percentage of less than .400 against one team. They are 226-351 (.392) all-time against the Orioles. [Doberman on the Diamond]
  • Our guess is that Rocco Baldelli is dating his physical therapist. []


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