Devil Rays 9, Mariners 2.
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  • The Devil Rays are now 63-87 with 12 games remaining. They trail the Orioles by 2 games in the AL East and the White Sox by 1.5 games for the worst record in baseball. Yesterday’s victory guarantees that the Devil Rays will not lose 100 games. This is the first season since 2000 that will not feature a 100-loss team. [Awful Announcing]
    • The Devil Rays need to finish 7-5 to match the franchise record for wins, and 8-4 to break the record.
    • A 10-2 finish and the Rays will avoid 90 losses.
  • Andy Sonnanstine has now won 5 of his last 7 starts and should at least have the upper-hand for one of the spots in the rotation entering 2008. [USA Today]

“He’s close, he absolutely is close,” manager Joe Maddon said. “He’s really making a great impression for next season, we can say that.”

  • Carlos Pena became the first member of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays to hit 40 home runs in a season and the 110th player in the history of major league baseball. []
  • Rocco Baldelli has rejoined the team as a cheerleader and nothing more. He and the team are still awaiting the results of some test to try and determine why Rocco has been so susceptible to leg problems. [TBO]
  • We will see the regular lineup for the next 9 games, as all those games are against playoff contenders, Angels, Red Sox and Yankees. Joe Maddon may then switch things up for the Blue Jays series. [TBO]
  • Well, except for maybe Carl Crawford, as he suffered a groin strain and is listed as day-to-day. [TBO]
  • JP Howell and lefty relief pitcher Jeff Ridgway were promoted from Durham after the Bulls’ season was concluded on Sunday. []
  • The Devil Rays now have the largest improvement in team batting average from 2006 to 2007, jumping from .255 to .271. [Devil Rays]
  • Delmon Young seemed a longshot earlier this season, but he is quietly posting Rookie-of-the-Year caliber numbers. [TBO]

Young entered Friday leading all big-league rookies in hits (171), doubles (34) and multi-hit games (51) while topping all AL rookies in RBIs (81) and total bases (241). Throw in a .293 batting average, 12 homers and 16 outfield assists

  • HardBall thinks that Delmon Young is the Rookie of the Year. [Hard Ball]

Expect a lot of yelping if Delmon Young isn’t named the AL’s rookie of the year. He’s had the best wire-to-wire season among AL rookies but is easily overlooked.

  • Statistically Speaking believes that both Carlos Pena and BJ Upton deserve votes in the MVP voting. MVP ballots include 10 names from each writer. [Statistically Speaking]
  • We are happy that Marc Lancaster wrote a nice feel-good piece about Brendan Harris who has started 130 of the last 138 games, and how he is “making the most of his chances”. But if Harris starts more than 25 games in 2008 for the Devil Rays, that will not be a good sign. And to say that Harris can “field competently” is being nice. [TBO]
  • Marc Lancaster believes there is too much entertainment at a typical Devil Rays game at the Trop, feeling the team is offering too many distractions. We understand the argument to an extent. While this may be a new phenomenon in major league baseball, this is not new to professional sports. Just attend any NBA basketball game and you think you accidentally walked into a circus. As for games at the Trop…I have never felt “overwhelmed” by the amount of distractions. I have always felt that there was a good amount for those that find baseball boring, and not enough to distract those of us who enjoy every single pitch. In the end the Devil Rays want every person that attends a game at the Trop to feel as though they had fun. Not just the diehard baseball fans. It is a fine-line they have to walk, but so far I feel as though they have done a decent job. [TBO]
  • Here is a YouTube video tribute entitled “A Tribute to Scott Kazmir“. At first we thought “a tribute to a pitcher?” That sound boring. Every highlight will look exactly the same. Turns out the video is actually a Mets fan crying about Jim Duquette and Victor Zambrano. We laugh cuz it’s funny, we laugh because it’s true. [YouTube]

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    Thanks for the link. Actually, I think Carl Crawford should get a vote or two as well. It's sad that Pena, Upton, and Crawford will all get screwed over because they're good players on a team that hasn't put it all together yet.


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