Yankees 12, Devil Rays 4.
I can’t even believe I am going to waste my time discussing this shit.

Reason #4,312 that Americans hate soccer: Their fans are snobs and believe EVERYTHING in the world should imitate the “Beautiful Game”.

The guys over at Sauntering are the latest group to propose that Major League Baseball would be better off mimicking the English Premier League’s “promotion and relegation” system. In the EPL, the three worst teams in the league each year are kicked out of the first division and the three best teams in the second division replace them.

Being fans of the Devil Rays means this is not the first time we have heard that Major League Baseball would be better off with a “promotion and relegation” system. It was an idiotic idea the first 50 times we heard it and it is still an idiotic idea now. We are a rare American fan of non-American football, and we know that the system works for the EPL, but it would not work with baseball and especially under the IDIOTIC proposal put forth by Andy at Sauntering.

Under his proposal, the three worst teams in Major League Baseball would be replaced in 2008 by the three best teams in AAA. The problem, and this is just a minor thing…THE MINOR LEAGUE TEAMS ARE COMPOSED OF PLAYERS BELONGING TO THE MAJOR LEAGUE TEAMS. So, under Andy’s “brilliant” strategy, the Durham Bulls would be one of the teams to be promoted and the Devil Rays would be demoted. So the AAA players that aren’t good enough to be on the Devil Rays would replace the Devil Rays. F’in genius.

What is to keep the owner of the Devil Rays from just switching the players back up, only now you are making the organization play in Durham in a 5,000 seat stadium instead of in St. Pete. Major league Baseball in a stadium that holds 5,000. Sounds awesome!

Or what happens if the Durham Bulls were promoted and the Rays were not relegated? The organization would have two teams in Major League baseball? How does that make any sense? What would keep a 6 or 7th place owner, that is safe from relegation but out of the playoff hunt, from sending its best players back to AAA, so they could make a run at being promoted?

And take the case of the White Sox who recently won the world series and still have much the same roster. Would you relegate them because of one bad season when they could easily bounce back next year? Or the Rays that are an up and coming team and are a lot better than their record would indicate?

And we are sure there are 50 other reasons why this is a stupid idea, but we are too annoyed to spend any more time thinking about it.

Andy, why don’t you first educate yourself on how baseball works before you start telling us what is wrong with baseball. Thank you.

To all the real baseball fans out there, we apologize. We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.

What if MLB had promotion & relegation? [Sauntering]


  • Not everybody is happy that the Rays are dropping “Devil” from their name in 2008. Seriously. Some people are down right pissed and these are the type of people you DO NOT want to piss off. Just sayin’. I remember somebody once saying…”Sure, David Koresh was probably crazy…But what if he was the second coming of Jesus? Oops” [The Serious Tip]
  • Joe Maddon stated that the chances of Evan Longoria being the Rays opening day third baseman is 50/50. Make no mistake, this means that the job is Longoria’s for the taking. In essence, the team wants Longoria to be that opening day third baseman but will only allow him to be put in a position to “earn” the job. If they say anything more than “50/50” at this point, then Longoria would be considered a disappointment if he struggles in spring training and the team decides he needs another month or two at AAA. [MiLB]
  • Wade Davis was named the Rays minor league pitcher of the year and Ryan Royster was named the organization’s player of the year. The team also named the player and pitchers of the year for each of its six minor league affiliates. [tampabay.com]
  • Danny Wild takes a look back at the highlights of the 2007 Tampa Bay Devil Rays minor league affiliates, from top to bottom. [Florida State League]


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