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Once again the Devil Rays are in the running for the first overall pick and have a very good chance at becoming the first team to ever have the top pick in the amateur draft two years in a row (until recently, the top pick alternated between leagues).
Last season we tracked the race for the top pick and with the Devil Rays in the running again this season, we feel compelled now to make this an annual feature.

Last year at this time, the top pick was not a sure thing, but David Price appeared to be the clear favorite. Without an obvious top choice for the 2008 draft, we decided to name this feature after the inaugural namesake. While we plan on running this feature each year in September, we do hope that one of these seasons the Tampa Bay Rays are not among the contenders.

Without further ado, we present the 2nd Annual David Price Sweepstakes and the race for the top pick in the 2008 draft!

Tampa Bay Devil Rays 63 91 2-8 L4
Baltimore Orioles 65 88 2.5 4-6 L1 7
Pittsburgh Pirates 66 88 3.0 3-7 L7 6
Florida Marlins 66 88 3.0 5-5 L1 6
Kansas City 66 87 3.5 4-6 L1 6
San Francisco Giants 67 87 4.0 2-8 L4 5
Chicago White Sox 67 87 4.0 6-4 W1 5
Houston Astros 68 86 5.0 5-5 W3 4
Washington Nationals 68 86 5.0 3-7 L3 4
Texas Rangers 71 83 8.0 2-8 W1 1
Cincinnati Reds 71 83 8.0 6-4 W2 1
St. Louis Cardinals 71 82 8.5 2-8 L2 1

At this point the Rays have a comfortable 2.5 game lead as their current 4-game losing streak has dwindled their magic number down to 7 with 8 games remaining. Pittsburgh is making a nice late-season run at the anti-pennant with 7 straight losses, but it may be too little, too late. Three teams can potentially be eliminated tonight with a win or a D-Rays loss.



  1. Elijah's 6th says:

    well this is one way to see the Rays on top of the standings. I usually have to hold the newspaper upside down.


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