This is a few days old, but we have been busy. Sue us. We’ll give you $20.

In his latest column, John Romano makes an effort to praise Delmon Young for his success this season and tout the 21-year old for rookie-of-the-year. Unfortunately, Mr. Romano can’t just praise Young and what he has accomplished on the baseball field. He is unable to just gives us the numbers and compare them to other rookies in the American League.

No. Mr. Romano must make it clear to all of us, that he and Delmon Young have a tumultuous history. We were unaware of this until Mr. Romano felt the need to point it out to us. When Mr. Romano tried to approach Delmon about doing a story, he was turned away. Mr. Romano tries to imply that he is the bigger man by praising Young, and putting aside his dislike for the young slugger. Instead he comes off as a bitter, whiny 12-year old that did not get ice cream after dinner.

The plan was to talk to Young about his candidacy Sunday morning, but he is a man of few words. Or, in this case, one word.

“No,” he said, wagging a finger and walking away.

In Delmon’s defense, he doesn’t like me. If I may speak for him, and I suppose I have to, I’d say he hates me. Which doesn’t make him unique, or even misguided.

The problem is his reputation as an individual is still catching up to his prowess as a player. In simpler terms, Young can be a petulant brat.

Mr. Romano claims that the “The real issue is Young’s talent. It is undeniable, and it is impressive.”

If that is the case, then why does Mr. Romano even need to bring up the bat-tossing incident or the quotes in USA Today last year?

If that is the case, then why must Mr. Romano resort to name-calling, by referring to Delmon as “a petulant brat”?

We understand the plight of the clubhouse reporter/columnist. They are just trying to do their job and sometimes they need to write things that may be taken as offensive by the players/teams they cover. But if a player chooses not to speak to a certain writer, that writer needs to remain professional and objective. Mr. Romano was unable to do this.

Nobody needs to know that Delmon Young and Mr. Romano do not get along. Nobody needs to know that Delmon Young won’t answer Mr. Romano’s questions. And nobody needs Mr. Romano to tell us what he thinks of Delmon Young as a person.

Rather than remain professional, Mr. Romano took his personal beef with Delmon Young to print. Mr. Romano tried to make sure all of his readers know that Delmon is brat. Instead Mr. Romano let all of his readers know that he is a jackass.

Grit your teeth and give Young his due []



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