Blue Jays 2, Devil Rays 0.
If anybody was wondering whether or not we would see Elijah Dukes in a Devil Rays uniform again this season, the team made a very subtle move to indicate that it will not happen this year, and may not happen ever again. Dan Wheeler asked for, and was granted, Dukes’ #35.

How far has Dukes’ status fallen? He was once considered one of the top prospects in the organization, a true five-tool talent. Now? The team has given a middle reliever the jersey right off of Dukes’ back. The best we could tell from looking through old pictures, Dukes has worn #35 his entire professional career, so this is not an oversight by the front office. Wheeler’s stay in a Devil Rays uniform could last as little as a few weeks and is not likely to last more than 12 months. Still, that was long enough, that the team apparently does not expect Dukes to need his number back.

If the team was going to release Dukes, it would have happened by now. More likely, they are waiting until the off-season when the internet-generation’s attention span has waned and will try to move Dukes to another team for something of value. Either way, we have probably seen the last of Elijah Dukes in a Devil Rays uniform.


  • Yesterday’s trade deadline came and the Rays did not make any additional trades. There is a possibility that Al Reyes and/or Dan Wheeler could still be moved before the August 30th waiver-wire deadline. [TBO]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was wondering how long it would take for someone to take notice of Dan Wheeler's uniform number. Haven't seen or heard mention of it anywhere except in your article.


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