Tim Wakefield 6, Devil Rays 0.
We got nothin’ today…Enjoy the links while Delmon Young flails and misses yet another Wakefield knuckler by 18 inches. And wake us when Kazmir finally stops throwing pitches in the first inning.


  • In addition to being called up to the majors and getting a walk-off hit in his first at bat with the Devil Rays, Joel Guzman was able to meet his childhood idol, Davif Ortiz. [Devil Rays]
  • Joe Maddon says not to expect more than a couple of additional players to be called up when teams are allowed to expand the rosters on September 1. Look for Maddon to go to a six-man rotation to ease the pitch counts of Scott Kazmir and James Shields [tampabay.com]

“We don’t need a whole lot of folks up here right now,” Maddon said. “We have a young group that needs to continue to play. We’re playing to win and we’re playing against a lot of contending teams and we set it up to win, so I don’t anticipate a whole bunch of people showing up.”

  • We thought for certain that The Ledger would have fixed THIS headline by this morning, but apparently not. Just to clarify, Joel Guzman had 19 at bats with the Dodgers last year. [The Ledger]
  • Carlos Pena is the Devil Rays representative on the ballot for the Hank Aaron Award. We have made our thoughts on this award known before and we still think it is a joke. [Devil Rays]
  • Another blogger weighs in on how to “fix” the Devil Rays. This time the solution is a new stadium. Simple huh? First of all, if we have said it once, we have said it six times, the Trop is not a bad place to watch a game. It is still being penalized by a reputation that is perpetuated by people that have never seen a game at the Trop. Have these people ever been to Shea Stadium? And we know that Fenway is historic, but it is the most uncomfortable stadium we have ever been to. There is more leg room on a plane and most of the seats do not even face towards the infield. For example, if you sit down the right field line, you are facing the monster. Second, the lease the Devil Rays have with the Trop is well-documented and about as iron-clad as any stadium has with a pro team, so the Rays are not going anywhere anytime soon…even if everybody seems to think they should. [Dahmen Daily]
  • The Devil Rays have broken ground on their new Spring Training complex in Charlotte County. [WinkNews.com]


  1. Anonymous says:


    A great quote by Maddon:

    "Maddon said he anticipates giving Guzman his first start soon.

    "I do want to give him a start, but he's done pretty good so far appearing late in the game," said Maddon."

    I laughed when I read this. Maddon is completely basing this statement on one at bat. Obviously if Guzman can get a base hit as a pinch hitter in one at bat, he must be a good pinch hitter.

    - delmonmvp

  2. bwaldron says:

    You're correct -- the Trop in its current state is really a decent place to watch a game (even though I'm not a fan of indoor baseball). As a Sox fan as well, I love Fenway as it's where my first baseball memories were made. They've done a lot recently to upgrade it, but it's not a comfortable place to sit through a game, and some of the sightlines are brutal. I also find it funny when people bash the catwalks at the Trop, yet find Fenway's various quirks "charming."

    I'd love a new retractable-roof stadium (and selfishly would like to see it on this side of the bay), but the Trop is really OK and is not one of the Rays biggest problems IMHO.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i think Papa Joe was being sarcastic with that comment. but it was a bad job of the reporter for making us have to guess. typical Rays beat reporter.

    some of the players are AAA players. well all of the reporters are AAA writers

  4. The Professor says:

    Nobody likes indoor baseball, but i do appreciate it sometimes. and yes, a retractable roof in Tampa is the ideal.

    If I had to guess...if the Rays can show some life by 2009, I think we will start to hear negotiations between, the Rays, Tampa and St. Pete officials about building something.

    Still, we probably wont see the Rays in a new park before 2013 at best. 2012 would mark 15 years in the Trop.


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