Devil Rays 3, Rangers 0.
Don’t do this to us Edwin. Don’t you dare do this to us. There have been too many pitchers with “promising” careers that would go out and throw one great start and we would think “maybe, just maybe.” We don’t have the stomach for it anymore. We want you to look all of our friends and family in the eyes and tell them you are serious. Tell them that you are for real, because they are the ones that have to deal with our moody selves and pick up the pieces after every game when you have given up 6 runs in 3 innings and we scream your name in pain. If last night was an aberration then do us a favor and just get knocked out of your next start in the first inning so that we won’t get our hopes up. The Rays need a third starter. Jeff Niemann has yet to dominate AAA and David Price, Wade Davis and Jake McGee are all still more than a year away. Mitch Talbot and Jason Hammel? We have no idea yet. But we do know that none of them have your “stuff”. You are the one if you can make it work.

That is why we call him “Nuke”. The kid has a million dollar arm and that was never more evident than last night. Has there ever been a more improbable 4-hit shutout? Edwin Jackson entered last night’s game with a 2-11 record and a 6.06 ERA. And that does not even consider that Jackson had not pitched past 1 out in the 7th inning in his previous 23 starts this season. Jackson had never finished the 8th inning in his major league career and he had never pitched a 9-inning complete game, much less a shutout, in his entire professional career.

But on this evening, Nuke Jackson struck out 8 and walked only 1. On this night Nuke was touching 99 on the gun in the 9th inning. IN THE 9TH INNING!

Either make the step forward Nuke, or get out of the way. But whatever you do. DO NOT TEASE US.


  • It has long been suspected that the Devil Rays would change their name to just “Rays” after this season. The acquisition of a new domain for the team’s website appears to confirm this move. [TBO]
  • Scott Dohmann has not been scored upon in his last 8 appearances. Those games cover 8 innings, in which he has given up 2 hits and 5 walks. [Devil Rays]


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