Rangers 7, Devil Rays 4.
Remember that 2-game winning streak and series-split in Detroit? Seems like a distant memory after last night’s loss and knowing that Edwin Jackson is on the mound tonight.


  • Andy Sonnanstine is learning that what worked in the minors is not necessarily going to work in the majors and that he will need to take a different approach on the mound. The Duke is learning that he cannot get away with bad breaking pitches like he could at other levels. The breaking balls were so bad last night that even Joe Maddon was critical. [TBO]

“The breaking ball’s what’s getting him in trouble right now,” said Maddon. “He did a lot better job with his fastball today and he made some bad pitches with his breaking ball that they hurt us with. … We have to get beyond that with him. We have to make better pitches in those moments and he’s got to get his breaking pitches to better locations.”

  • Did the Devil Rays cost the Red Sox a World Series title in 2005 and a shot at back-to-back championships? Gee we hope so. [Sully Baseball]
  • Casey Fossum had to choose between being sent to AAA Durham and free agency. He opted for Free Agency and the Rays released the veteran on Friday. Fossum may choose to stay home for the rest of the season with his newborn as the Rays are still on the tab for the rest of Fossum’s 2007 salary as well as his 2008 buyout of $300,000. [Bradenton Herald]
  • In the latest Baseball Prospectus Power Rankings (Devil Rays are 29th), they summed up the 2007 version of Casey Fossum better than we could have ever hoped. We would have chosen “vomit-inducing”. [Baseball Prospectus]

The Rays finally take mercy on their fans and demote Casey Fossum, whose VORP is so low we have to get special permission from Keith Woolner just to display it (if you’re looking at just the Rays staff, you’ll want to invest in appropriate protection). Fossum’s 7.70 ERA may be dreadful, but consider that it’s dressing up a major-league worst 9.21 Fair Run Average. Kudos to the Rays for taking only until the first week of August to figure out that wasn’t working.

  • Carl Crawford was named the MVN “MLB Power Slugger of the Week”. [Power Rankings]
  • There is a lot of talk that the Rays are interested in released relief pitcher Fernando Cabrera. We don’t mind taking a flyer on the kid, but we are weary. He has impressive minor league numbers but has been given several chances to succeed at the major league level. In 33.2 innings this season he has a 5.61 ERA and 39 strikeouts to go with 22 walks. Last season he posted a 5.19 ERA in 60.2 innings with 71 strikeouts and 32 walks. [tampabay.com]
  • Rocco Baldelli is hoping to make a rehab appearance by the end of the month and be back with the parent club soon thereafter. But when he does return he will not resume his role of starting center fielder. BJ Upton will continue to be the regular center fielder and Baldelli will get spot starts there occasionally. He will also see time in right field and left field when Carl Crawford and Delmon Young need days off. [TBO]
  • Marc Lancaster says that “all indications are the Devil Rays will be able to work out a deal with top overall draft pick David Price by Wednesday’s deadline…” yet he does not let the readers know what those indications are. No quotes. No hunches. No actions. If Price does sign there is no indication as to whether or not he will make his professional debut this season. The minor league seasons end in 2-3 weeks. [TBO]

“If he does sign with the Rays,” [Bo] McKinnis said (David Price’s representative), “then he is definitely in shape to pitch in games, if the Devil Rays choose for him to do so…David is extremely competitive,” McKinnis said. “He hasn’t been in competition since early June, so he’s anxious to pitch in any game – a Vanderbilt game, a Hudson Valley game, a Columbus game, etc.”



  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm sure that Cabrera is a different style of pitcher, but his numbers remind me lot of Chad Orvella. Would Rays fans be that excited at signing Chad Orvella right now if he was released by another organization?

    ps Marc Lancaster is an idiot.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i think its funny that you still support Sonny when he has been garbage, yet you still crap on Edwin with every chance you get. Id like to see Edwins numbers since Sonny has been called up, im sure their considerably better than "this years version on Ben Zobrist". Sure, he's crafty, a good minor leaguer, and is a nice guy, but a major league pitcher, he is not.

  3. The Professor says:

    Well. I said that I thought sonny had the stuff and makeup to be a "consistent" pitcher. And I said that several starts ago. I never thought he was going to be great in fact when he first came up I was very skeptical. I do think he has taken a step back in his last few starts.

    as for Jackson. Even when I was crying about the "Axis of Evil" I never called for Jackson to be out of the rotation. Just Fossum and Seo. I have always thought that Jackson had the stuff to be great but that I never believed he could be consistent. I hope i am wrong on Jackson. He definitely has the higher upside.


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