When the news broke that Curt Schilling would be willing to play for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in 2008, RJ Anderson of DRays Bay, wrote a one-line post.

I am Nostradamus!

We are not sure if he predicted that Schilling would be OK with playing with the Rays or maybe he predicted Hitler would invade Poland. Either way, Mr. Anderson was not content with his new lofty status of being able to predict that Schilling would make another outlandish statement.

Mr. Anderson followed that up with a second post yesterday titled “Tampa Fans Are Morons: 256th Edition“. We could not find the previous 255 editions, but apparently Mr. Anderson, on 256 different occasions has come up with reasons why you (and we) are “morons”.

So what was the 256th reason? Apparently if you, like us, doubt that Curt Schilling is going to pitch for the Rays in 2008, you are a moron. Or maybe you just think it is a bad idea to give a 41-year old pitcher that is 7-5 this season, a $10+ million contract for one season. Be careful. That makes you a moron.

Checking out Topkin’s Schilling piece and I decided to check out the comments; expecting some slobbering Red Sox goobers saying how the Rays can’t afford him and so on. Instead I’ve come to reassure that a percent of Tampa fans are bloody morons:

That’s right folks. A Devil Rays FanSite thinks that Devil Rays fans are morons. A blog written by Devil Rays fans, just insulted Devil Rays fans.

But he doesn’t stop there. Not satisfied with just insulting Devil Rays fans, Mr. Anderson goes on to insult every person that lives in the Tampa-St. Pete area.

Is it the water or something? If you live here for a certain time your brain turns to mush?

No he didn’t! Oh yes. Yes he did. Apparently Mr. Anderson is now saying that living in the Tampa area turns your brain “to mush”. Nothing like alienating your demographic.

Then again Mr. Anderson is the same gentleman that told us last year that Rocco Baldelli is not injury-prone.

And we are the morons?

RJ Anderson has responded to this post HERE.

Let me address a few of his comments/concerns…

we also know he knew that we were joking about the whole “seeing the future” joke, but this did not stop Mr. Gaines.

This is his first comment and I honestly have no idea what he is talking about. Anybody?

it makes you a moron when you say something like “NOOOOOO!” then turn around and bitch about the DRO not spending money,

The guy that said “NOOOOOOO!” did not bitch about the DRO not spending money as far as I can tell. If he did, show me. and even then, would it be so strange to think think that money needs to be spent AND have an opinion on where it should and should not be spent?

“That’s why you gotta love this site, it honestly has a nice collection of some of the most intelligent Rays fans around, even in disagreement it’s never stupid reasoning or lacking presentation.”

I did not touch this statement in my original post even though this is one of the most offensive. Mr. Anderson is implying that only readers of DRays Bay are intelligent. Everybody else must therefore be a moron.

Oh nice one Corky, bringing up a year and two injuries ago, that’s the way to prove a point, nicely done. Also as I’ve stated in the past guys like “Jason from Tampa” who called in and said trade Price; those are bloody morons, I will not apologize for that take. I have nothing against Gaines, but I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw Joe Aiello in the comments add this:

Like I mentioned last year. There were 64 injuries before that. And yes, saying “trade Price” is moronic, but that was not one of your examples. And if somebody did say that, it does not imply that “Tampa Fans Are Morons” as Mr. Anderson so elequently stated.

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  1. Delmonator says:

    I love how one of the "morons" he quoted actually agreed with him.

    He could add some motivation and confidence in this young staff.

    i'm confused. must be the water.

  2. zenny says:

    oooo, blog fight!!!

    (fwiw, I read both sites and had the same negative reaction when I saw the multiple "morons" comments...)

  3. joeaiello says:

    Just another reason why I stopped reading their site altogether. When you couple that with the ignorant behavior of him and Jacob Larson on our blog with comment spam, it makes for a rather unprofessional appearance to that site. Keep up the good work, Cork.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It takes a Moron to know a Moron. RJ knows, and blows.

  5. Anonymous says:

    laughing my ass off! awesome.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have lived in Tampa Bay for 35 years, and I assure you, it has a very smart fan base.

    D Rays Bay is for children by children, that is why Rays Index is hands down the best Rays blog going. It is actual journalism.

    I am trying to contact the owner of D Rays bay, and hopefully they will clean house there.

    On top of insulting me and my family, no one on that site writes above a middle school level anyway. When I used to read it, I often read entire paragraphs without knowing what he was talking.

    To insult Rays' fans on a Rays' fan site is is a true admission of stupidity. If i find out who that kid is, and we meet face to face, I will kick his ass. i don't care how young he is.

    PS: If you could help me contact whoever runs that site, I would very much be thankful.

  7. Sean says:

    "On top of insulting me and my family, no one on that site writes above a middle school level anyway......If i find out who that kid is, and we meet face to face, I will kick his ass. i don't care how young he is."

    Always nice to see someone complain then turn around ONE PARAGRAPH LATER and become a total hypocrite. Point well taken Mr. Anonymous.

  8. Rocco's Hamstring says:

    Lost in all this is the idea that "RJ" rests the hopes of the 2008 Rays on Curt Schilling. HE WILL BE 41 YEARS OLD next year.

    And that is if he would really be interested in Tampa.

    But he came out today and clarified that his quotes were cut short and indicated he preferred to stay with Boston.

    i would be SHOCKED if Schilling signed with TB.

  9. Casey says:

    This is a ridiculous fight. Both of you, grow up.

  10. raysrule07 says:

    Well said, Casey, they're acting like 12 year-olds.

    I don't think RJ meant to insult Tampa fans in general, but was pointing out that, like any other fanbase, there are morons in it. However, he wasn't exactly clear on that point, and I understand that some people may have taken it the wrong way.

    That said, there was a better way to handle it than to make a post ripping RJ and his blog, such as an e-mail requesting that he clarify or rescind offensive statements.

    As for RJ and DRaysBay, I really enjoy reading their site, they do a good job getting interviews and presenting ideas.

    I also enjoy reading Rays Index, the blogtopia parts are especially useful and interesting, as well as the Trade Value Index, etc.

    So, I would really appreciate it if you two would stop acting like children and go back to blogging about the Rays.

    Thank You


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