The folks over at Home Run Derby have a tournament-style bracket running in an effort to determine the best mascot in baseball featuring 40 mascots from the past and present.

HRD has assembled a Menangerie of 40 Mascots (39 anthropomorphic and 1 obnoxious monkey) from Major League Baseball’s past and present … and set them against each other in an NCAA-style single elimination winner-take-all tournament.

The “2007 MLB Mascot Brackets” were very kind to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays mascot, Raymond. Despite being the harriest fish in the world, Raymond has garnered a #2 seed in the “Furrie Division”. He is matched up, head-to-head, with the Chicago White Sox mascot, Southpaw.

You can go HERE TO VOTE, and show your Raymond-love.

Home Run Derby presents: MLB Mascot Brackets [Home Run Derby]
MLB Mascot Brackets – Raymond vs Southpaw [Home Run Derby]



  1. SportsIndeed says:

    Hey prof,

    Raymond is not a hairy fish. He is in fact a "sea dog." Thus, why he has so much hair.

    Agree with you about the trade stuff you wrote a couple days ago.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hate Raymond. Always gets in my way at the game.


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