Earlier this week, this map representing the “United Countries of Baseball” made the rounds on these here internets. The map comes to us from a Niketown location (where?) via Strange Maps.

The map is quite intriguing in mapping out the dominant loyalties of baseball fans and how far they extend beyond the city and state within which the individual teams play. It is our feeling that based on our time throughout the country, most of the boundaries are at least fairly accurate representations. For example, having spent our formative college years at the University of Iowa (don’t ask) in Iowa City, Iowa, we can tell you for certain that 90% of Iowans are Cubbie fans.

However, we have to take issue with the representative boundaries for the state of Florida. In short, they were far too generous to the in-state teams, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and the Florida Marlins.

Here is a close-up of the state of Florida as represented in the United Countries of Baseball.

As most people know, Florida is a melting-pot of people that have moved there from all of the country with most coming from the Northeast. Most of these people, if baseball fans, come with predetermined loyalties.

We felt the need to correct the boundaries as depicted above and lay out the true fandom boundaries within our beautiful state.

The Braves continue to dominate northern Florida. In fact, we would argue that the Braves are underrepresented throughout the country. Much of the unincorporated territory in the west is probably Braves and/or Cubs country as both of those teams gained healthy followings in the ’80s due to the daily national broadcasts of their baseball games.

While the New York Yankees play in the South Bronx, Tampa is clearly Bronx South. Anybody that has ever been to the Trop for a D-Rays-Yankees match, can certainly tell you that 75-80% of the fans in attendance are rooting for the pinstripes. In fact, the Devil Rays have only had three non-opening day sellouts in the history of Tropicana Field. All three of those games were against the Yankees. This is not surprising considering the number of New Yawkers that have moved to the area as well as the number of people that jumped on the bandwagon in the late 90s.

The Mets dominate the Miami area. Again, this is due to the large number of Long Islanders in the Miami area and the draw of the NL East rival which leads to 9-10 Mets games in Miami every season. We also would not be surprised if most Mets fans list “Scarface” as their favorite movie.

The Red Sox? Sure they draw large numbers to the Trop when they come to town, but most of those fans wear pink or green hats and don’t know that the Mets had already tied Game 6 of the ’86 World Series before the ground ball that went through Bill Buckner’s legs. In short, they really don’t count, but we will give them a little bandwagon out in the Gulf of Mexico.

As for the Devil Rays and the Marlins. The contingencies are small but growing. OK. Maybe the Marlins fanbase is not growing. How else can you explain the attendance levels for a team that has won more World Series in the past 10 years, than the Red Sox have won in the past 88 years? On the other hand, there is is a strong baseball fan base in the Tampa-St.Pete area that is just begging for a competitive team. When that happens, the Devil Rays nation will grow and be able to compete (at least locally) with the Yankees.

The United Countries of Baseball [Strange Maps]



  1. Jordi says:

    Wow. I could not agree more with your new map. I don't know who drew the original, but they are a moron. In six years, I met two Marlins fans in the Florida panhandle and they were college students from S. Florida. Braves fans go all the way to Ocala, everyone knows that.

  2. Anonymous says:

    For the most part i would agree. However, there are also clusters of fans for other teams that are usually found in the areas of those team's traditional spring training sites.

    For example, Vero Beach has a ton of Dodgers fans. Both from locals and a lot of old Brooklyn Dodger fans that relocated there during retirement.

    There are still a lot of Phillie fans in Clearwater and Cardinals fans in St. Pete.

  3. Jake says:

    Im not even sure the Rays dominate St. Pete, nor do i think the Marlins dominate ANYWHERE. maybe Cuba?

  4. tim says:

    That map is brilliant. Kudos.

  5. fallex says:

    You mean to tell me that the Rays have sold out on opening day?

  6. Camp Tiger Claw says:

    Daryl Strawberry went to prison in Gainesville. Does that affect anything?

  7. benny c says:

    I agree with the Braves comment, and would add that their territory also extends in the opposite direction through Virginia up to the DC Metro area. The mapmakers were a little TOO generous with Pirates and Nationals country. This from a Brewers fan from LI.

  8. mlmintampa says:

    Great job. I would add Manatee County to the Rays, Pasco to the Yanks, and the Braves get to Gainesville. But, I'm nitpicking.

    Also, as a Yankee fan who attends 10-15 non Yankees-Rays games a year, the Yanks fans here would love to see the Rays be successful. I root for the Rays because they are in town and play the Red Sox 19 times.
    If the Rays move to the NL, then we're on the bandwagon.

  9. twoeightnine says:

    That bandwagon seems to be on the small side.

  10. Me says:

    The map was at Niketown in San Francisco for the All-Star Week.

  11. Nathan says:

    Totally true. A much better representation than the original.

  12. =p= says:

    I just moved from Oklahoma and noticed there were far more Cardinals fans down there than Rangers fans... but naturally, most people were "when does football season start?" types.

    Glad to be gone...

  13. Fritz says:

    While I'm the first to agree that it's fun to call people morons in a comment section (Jordi, you're a moron!), here's the map of actual survey data upon which this map was drawn.


    You can certainly argue with the accuracy of the survey results (lies, damned lies, etc.), but the mapmakers had more than the anecdotal evidence ("I was in X for an afternoon and saw Y people wearing Z's caps.") of the people who think they're morons.

  14. tommyduncn says:


  15. Anonymous says:

    I'm a Fritz fan! And I'll second the Jordi is a moron thing.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Dude, about the Sox fans wearing pink and green hats... I know a lot of girls who are actually real Sox fans who wear the pink hats, and the players actually do wear green on St. Paddy's day down in Florida for spring training... so learn something before you go with a weak stereotype bro

  17. Anonymous says:

    And adding to my last comment, the Yankees have just as many if not more bandwagon fans than the Sox. Think about how many rappers and random kids from absolutely anywhere wear Yankee hats because they were such a great team 10 years ago. Now the same thing will happen with the Red Sox since they're so successful. It's just a trend of the game.

  18. Anonymous says:

    My first comment, by the way, about the pink and green hats, meant that just because someone has a pink or green hat doesnt mean theyre a bandwagon fan... i still have a green hat that i bought in probably '03... before they won anything..
    but yeah, each good team has bandwagon fans

  19. Earl Weaver was here... says:

    I know the map for the Rays is off, but the map for Virginia is really off! The Nationals and Pirates do not control that much of the state! In reality, it is prodomenantly controled by the Braves! If I had to give a list on which team was more popular in Virginia, it would be like this:
    I no this because I live in Virginia, and mostly everyone here is a Braves fan! And that is because the Braves Triple-A minor league team, the Richmond Braves, used to play here for 43 years! They only left do to the fact that Richmond had a MAD MAN as mayor. Doug Wilder<JOKE! I don't know who made this map, but whoever did didn't know that area very well at all!

  20. Pete says:

    I was dissapointed, there are far more Yankees fan than Met fans in North Jersey, I know South Jersey is Phillie territory, but North Jersey is Yankees territory, Long Island and Staten Island Mets, and the northern half of upstate New York are probably either Red Sox or Blue Jay fans


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