We had heard about this home run hit by Joel Guzman a couple of weeks ago, but we just now came across the video. If you have never seen a game at the new DBAP in Durham, it may be difficult to appreciate exactly how far Guzman hit this ball. There is a “Blue Monster” in left field. While not as high as the Green Monster at Fenway, the wall is farther from home plate. Guzman hits this towering shot towards the center field end of the wall and clears not only the monster, but the billboard behind the monster above the 371-foot mark…

It is easy to see why scouts have drooled over Guzman since he was signed by the Dodgers at the age of 16. He was named the Dodgers #1 prospect at the beginning of the 2006 season. If he could ever learn to make more consistent contact (81 to 16 strike out to walk ratio) to go with his power and gold-glove caliber defense, Evan Longoria might have to find a new position.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Richie Sexson with a glove? .250-40-110 is not a bad stat line. sure the strikeouts are frustrating but a gold glove and run producing ability is a nice thing to have.

    and i will take strikeouts over double plays any day.


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