Devil Rays 14, Yankees 4.
Having spent as much time in New York as we have, we can attest that there is nothing more entertaining than an angry Yankees fan. Prior to the All-Star break they would not speak aloud about catching the Red Sox, but deep down they just expect it. Well a good run out of the gate in the second half and the fans of the pinstripes were starting to chirp.

Then last night happened. A blow out loss to the team with the worst record in baseball who had their worst pitcher on the mound and were led by a grand slam from one of the worst hitters in baseball.

So today we will just go to the water cooler and see what Yankees fans have to say…

Devil Rays: How did you do that? [Yankees Chick]

But I will say this: the current Yankees team doesn’t have that…thing. They don’t seem to have what it takes to win when they simply have to win. They don’t seem to care. [161st and River]

And, didn’t Edwin Jackson have a 1-9 record and an ERA of 7.14 coming into this game? I’m sorry, but, a winner of a team takes a guy like that and just eats him up…they don’t allow him to post a doughnut over six innings. [Was Watching]

To make matters worse, the Sox rolled tonight, and just like that, the Yanks are eight games out again. [Bronx Banter]

The Yanks have had several embarrassing losses this season, but last night’s display probably tops them all…Moose came in and laid a giant Brontosaurus-sized egg when his team needed him most and Edwar Ramirez did his best to top Colter Bean as the worst performance by any Yankee pitcher this season. That’s really hard to do with Kei Igawa in the rotation. [Pinstripe Alley]

Mike Mussina comes through in the clutch…Oh, wait. Nevermind. [River Ave. Blues]

This one hurts…Mike Mussina was shellacked, the bullpen was awful and the Yankees couldn’t touch Edwin Jackson, who entered the game with a record of 1-9 and an ERA over 7.00 [Green Pinstripes]

Mike Mussina is an embarrassment. [Depressed Fan]

[The Bronx Block]


  • Carl Crawford now has 7 stolen bases in the last 5 games and now leads the AL in that category with 31. [Devil Rays]

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  1. 3RunHomer says:

    The sequel: Revenge of the Yankee Bats

    10-to1 that Shields is hiding an injury.


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