Benjamin Franklin said that the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Today we introduce exhibit #1 that Joe Maddon and the Devil Rays front office are insane…

If we don’t come back after the break better in the bullpen, we’re not. … I’m not saying it has to be new people, I’m just saying we have to be pitching better. We can’t pitch like that and expect to compete on a nightly basis. That’s just not going to happen. [Joe Maddon via St. Pete Times]

  1. At what point has the bullpen ever given an impression that they have the ability to “come back after the break better”? This is not a situation where they have struggled recently nor have they been plagued by injuries. This bullpen has been bad since day one and they are not going to pitch better in the second half. We are not going to give you the numbers because we just ate breakfast. To say that the Devil Rays bullpen has been bad is an insult to bad bullpens.
  2. If it is not going to be “new people”, then who is it going to be? The same clowns in different roles? If Shawn Camp can’t get a batter out in the 7th inning, he is not going to get a batter out in the 6th inning. The team needs new blood in the bullpen. In the off-season it will need a complete overhaul. But right now it needs one or two new pieces or this team is in real danger of losing 105 games.


  • It is a good thing that Joe Maddon gave Carl Crawford the day off on Sunday (he pinch hit in the 8th) because now C. C. is well-rested to attend the super-party hosted by Barry Bonds and Jay-Z. Also of note is a conversation that Crawford had with Scott Boras. Boras is not Crawford’s agent, but would certainly like to represent him. If C.C. does switch to Boras, Crawford will not be a Devil Ray following the 2010 season. Boras clients rarely sign extensions and almost always test the free agent waters. [Tampa Tribune]
  • Chicago Flame believes that the addition of Carl Crawford to the AL All-Star squad cost Curtis Granderson a more deserving spot. [Chicago Flame]
  • To say Edwin Jackson has underachieved is an understatement of enormous proportions. [NBX Sports Action Blog]
  • Vegas Watch says that the Rays defense is just as much to blame as the pitching for the poor first half showing. There point is that the Rays pitchers have consistently high BABIP. It could be a sign of bad luck as more batted balls are finding holes in the defense, but when it is consistent across all pitchers, that means the defense is not performing. This surprises us as the outfield defense has been spectacular (outside of Delmon Young’s recent stint playing in the center field bleachers) and the infield has two gold-glove caliber players in Akinori Iwamura and Carlos Pena. On the other hand, Brendan Harris is steady but lacking in range which is the same that can be said of Ty Wigginton at second base and BJ Upton has range but is unsteady. [Vegas Watch]


  1. Jordi says:

    The whole organization is insane. They keep playing baseball games and losing and then playing again, hoping for a different result.

  2. 3RunHomer says:

    The Rays are dead last in "defensive efficiency" rating as calculated by Baseball Prospectus.


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