Despite the losses on Friday and Saturday nights, there was plenty to be happy about this weekend if you a Devil Rays fan. First, is the re-emergence of Jonny Gomes, who has three home runs since being recalled from Durham last week. And despite losing four of their last six and receiving some of the worst starting pitching in the last 50 years from the Axis of Evil the Rays are still on pace for the most wins in franchise history and have actually opened up a 2 game lead on the last place Baltimore Orioles.

But all of this paled in comparison to what happened 8,000 miles away in Japan.

A Japanese aquarium is celebrating a special new arrival this week — a giant manta ray keepers say is the world’s first ever born in captivity…Video footage shows the 6-foot baby being squeezed out of her mother’s body rolled up like a carpet, before unfurling her fins and flitting gracefully across the tank at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in Japan’s southernmost prefecture.

Now we realize this is not quite as newsworthy as the birth of Matt Leinart’s and Tom Brady’s kids, but this has to be a good sign for the Devil Rays franchise and Devil Rays fans everywhere. Could this be a sign from above below of good things to come? Could this be the weekend that the Devil Rays franchise is reborn? Stay tuned.

Now all the baby Devil Ray needs is a name. At first we tried to figure out how to say “Dawg” in Japanese, but we were unable to confirm whether or not Elijah Dukes is the father. Now we are leaning towards Adam Sisk. Feel free to offer any other suggestions in the comments.

Let’s just hope that the folks at the Aquarium don’t let Vince Naimoli or Chuck LaMar anywhere near the baby Devil Ray.

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