Durham 5, Louisville 4 (10 inn). Mitch Talbot struck out 5 in 6 innings and allowed 3 runs on 5 hits and 3 walks. Ben Zobrist and Wes Bankston homered for the Bulls. Bankston’s 8th home run of the season came with 2 outs in the bottom of the 10th to give Durham the walk-off victory.

Huntsville 4, Montgomery 2
. Reid Brignac and Evan Longoria were each 1-4. Brignac committed his 12th error. John Jaso was 2-3 to raise his average to .336. Mike Prochaska gave up 4 runs (3 earned) in 5.1 innings.

Charleston 5, Columbus 3. For only the 4th time in 11 starts, Heath Rollins allowed an earned run. Last night he allowed 1 run in 6 innings with 3 strikeouts and 2 walks.


  • It took 8 years, but Josh Hamilton finally played in Durham. Hamilton is on a rehab assignment with the Louisville Bats. That sound you just heard was millions hundreds of Rays fans screaming out in pain.
  • Jae Kuk Ryu, will join the rotation in Durham.


  1. Tim says:

    I love the blog and read it every day , but one thing troubles me: if Mets fans need to get over Scott Kazmir then don't Rays fans need to get over Josh Hamilton?

    Sorry if that one hits too close to home, but I think you know it's true.

  2. The Professor says:

    In a sense you are absolutely right...but there is a difference. For one, NOBODY saw this coming. Even the Reds have to be shocked. I saw Josh play late last year at Hudson Valley and he looked awful, and his knees looked shot. I'm no scout but i thought he was 2 years away at best.

    We also need to consider that there is no room for Hamilton in Tampa's outfield.

    And finally, a young hard-throwing lefty is the hardest thing to find in baseball. A 26 year old outfielder that hits 35 home runs and doesnt steal bases is a little easier to find.

  3. Tim says:

    That's a fair comment. The circumstances of departure from his former organization for each were very different. However, there's so much to look forward to for the Rays, it just seems like time to let it go, however justifiable the lament.

  4. The Professor says:

    dont get me wrong...i hate that Josh is in another organization, but from a personal standpoint we do not regret it. i actually rooted for Josh in spring training to make the team. i have been pulling for this kid for so long, that i was immensely happy to actually see him in a major league uniform even if it was the wrong one and even happier to see him succeed. i know a lot of Rays fans want to blame the front office i cannot. i am happy for Josh and glad to see him succeeding.


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