Marc Tompkin, of the St. Pete Times is reporting that the Rays have decided to select Vanderbilt pitcher David Price with the first pick of the draft.

Funny. I wonder how it came to be that the St. Pete Times was the first to report this story? Great journalism? Good hustle on the part of Mr. Tomkin? Luck? Hmmm? What could it be. Oh yeah! We remember. The Times is the personally hand-puppet for the Devil Rays.

Please notice the very original headline (see below) that Mr. Tompkin came up with for his article. See what he did there? A little play on David Price’s name. Mix in a news story that is quite topical right now (Bob Barker retiring is topical right?). Probably went through 67 revisions and lost sleep over the past week trying to get the headline just right. Or maybe he just took the title from 6,000 news stories that ran in the past 2 weeks.

Man, somebody must have pissed in our Wheaties this morning.

[Update: The Devil Rays made it official. David Price was the first overall pick and Don Zimmer should never leave a baseball field]

Price is right for Rays [St. Pete Times]



  1. Anonymous says:

    guess what shitty headline Rays of Light used to announce the Price selection...

    i cant even type it. its making me hate David Price already

  2. Mark says:

    I think you are missing the silver lining here. Sure we'll have to suffer through these headlines forever but, this also opens the possibility of a visiting team playing the clip from Happy Gilmore should Price get chased in the first inning.

  3. 3RunHomer says:

    The Orioles took your fav Wieters. Considering their track record, he'll probably either A) not sign and return to college or B) stink.

    It's all good for the Rays.


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