Marlins 4, Devil Rays 3.
Give us a moment. We need to dig into our bag of previous posts. Let’s see how hard it will be to find a previous post that describes yesterday’s game.

James Shields pitches great…Bullpen blows lead..Rays lose…Rays lose series

Let’s just move on and pretend it didn’t happen…again.


It’s difficult. It is difficult. I’m not going to deny that. But we’re going to keep looking for answers. When we are ready to make moves based on different things, we will do that. But for right now, it’s not going to happen.-Joe Maddon

  • Unfortunately Edwin Jackson will not be removed from the rotation, but he will be pushed back a couple of days due to the off day today. Jackson will now pitch on Saturday in Chicago against the White Sox. Is it too early to put an “L” in the standings for that game?
  • Where would the Devil Rays be this season without Al Reyes closing games? Then again, maybe that question is too scary to ponder.
  • Supposedly the Rays only have the 8th worst bullpen in baseball. The problem with statistics sometimes, is that they don’t watch the games.
  • Unfortunately Al Reyes is the sole bright spot in one of baseball’s worst bullpens. One of Joe Maddon’s former Angels pitchers, Troy Percival, appears ready to make a comeback. Due to his close relationship with Maddon, the Rays may be in the running for Percival’s services.
  • The definition of a #1 starter is fairly unimportant past the first week of the season, but Joe Maddon insists that Scott Kazmir is still the Devil Rays #1 starter despite the emergence of James Shields. Kid K maybe the Rays #1 starter, but Shields is currently the teams stopper. We have more confidence in Shields to stop a losing streak than Kazmir.
  • More Mock Drafting! And everybody is still thinking that the Rays will pick Vanderbilt left-hander, David Price. Andrew Brackman, the 7-footer, has struggled this season and is no longer considered an option for the Rays.


  1. Clayton says:

    People tell me that Percy is washed. How can he possibly be worse than Stokes and Camp?

    Does someone have Camp's inherited runners stats? That ought to be dispositive.

  2. Mark says:

    The last pitch Percival ever threw resulted in Pudge waiting for Gomes at home plate trying to pick a fight. It's hard to believe this guy is the solution to the problem. He is just a different problem.

    The draft will be an interesting test of the Rays' new willingness to spend money for talent. Price is good but Wietters, the C at Georgia Tech, is apparently as good or better than Joe Mauer. We need a catcher in our system bad and, Wietter is closer to the big leagues being a College senior. The only reason I can imagine the Rays drafting a LHP without good pop ahead of this kid is that Wietters signed with Scott Boras.

  3. The Professor says:

    Not sure why it is so hard to find the Inherited Runners stat, but i did some looking around on Baseball Prospectus and they have a stat called RA, which is like ERA but also includes Inherited Runners allowed to score. RA is then compared to the league average.

    Not surprising, Camp is dead last with a -5.1 RA. In other words, relievers are expected to allow an occasional inherited runner to score, but Shawn Camp has allowed 5.1 more inherited runners to score than the league average.

  4. Clayton says:

    That stat is awesome, thanks. I am not at all surprised at Camp's placement. Can we email that stat along to Papa Joe? Does the RA stat read like ERA? Camp has to be last there as well, right?

    Mark, my contention remains that he can't possibly do any worse. And Gomes has hit homeruns off good pitchers before, so I don't know that that is necessarily instructive. All of these guys are stopgaps while the braintrust figures out what to do with all the young arms. I'm just saying, try another stopgap. The ones we have now are broken.

    Don't know a thing about Wietters, but Boras plus our desire to stockpile seems to indicate that...wait for it...the Price is right!


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