Devil Rays 13, Mariners 12.
What is the over/under these days for runs needed by the Rays offense when Jae Seo is on the mound? 13 sounds about right. It is sad when your team has a 12-4 lead after 5 innings and you are still scared. Sure enough, Seo had another typical Jae Seo outing in which he allowed 7 runs in 5+ innings on 13…count ’em…THIRTEEN hits. How did he only give up 7 runs? But hey, Seo did look good in that start against Toronto….which is of course what we will still be saying in October…”Jae Seo…he sure looked good in that start against Toronto.”

On a side note, remember when the Rays were one of the last two teams in the majors to commit an error this season? Neither do we. The Rays committed two more errors last night and now lead the majors with 45. Those 45 errors have led to a major league-leading 33 unearned runs. It is bad enough when your pitching staff has the highest ERA and allows the most earned runs all on their own. Add to that a shaky defense and the most unearned runs and all of the sudden the offense needs to score 13 runs to win ballgames.


  • Elijah Dukes sat again yesterday afternoon, but the Rays have stated that he will be in the lineup in the White Sox series this weekend.
  • It is true, right now the Rays appear stuck with Rocco Baldelli and Elijah Dukes but eventually the injuries and the troubles will pass over enough that the Rays will be able to move one or both.
  • The Rays finally made it official and placed Josh Paul on the DL with a sprained elbow. the team recalled Shawn Riggans from Durham. Paul could miss 6 weeks. At 26, Riggans needs to take advantage of the next month and a half and prove that he can be a major league catcher. In the Spring, Riggans hit well (.316), but base stealers were successful on 10 of 11 attempts.
  • Ahhhh…hindsight. All of the sudden everybody wants to talk about how the Rays should have traded Rocco Baldelli. Yeah, and I should have bought Google at $85.
  • You can just see Toby Hall biting his lip in this piece as the former Rays catcher prepares to play his former team for the first time. It is just a matter of time before he says something stupid.


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