Twins 9, Devil Rays 1.
Sometimes it is so bad you can’t help but laugh at your own team’s ineptitude. None of the Twins first 5 runs scored on a hit (2 on errors, 2 on ground outs and 1 on a sac fly). You know it is bad when you expect a routine ground ball to be botched somehow. And we aren’t just talking about Upton’s bobbled grounders or Edwin Jackson’s attempt to throw out the beer man in the left field bleachers. There are also the mental mistakes such as Brendan Harris, on what should have been a routine double play ground ball, backing up on the play and allowing just enough time for the batter to beat out the throw to first. It was just one of those nights. All you could do was laugh.


  • The Twins are what Joe Maddon hopes the Rays can become.
  • BJ Upton‘s new found patience is paying off big dividends. He now has multiple hits in 4 straight games and is second in the AL in hitting.
  • Jae Seo insists that he will be a different pitcher tonight. There is nothing on Seo’s Devil Rays resume that indicates that is possible. Right now, Seo is just keeping the second spot in the rotation warm for Jason Hammel.
  • The Rays have been caught stealing 16 times, which is 7 more than the next team (LA Dodgers).
  • In a recent survey, 65% of respondents do not want the Rays to change their colors, with slightly more than half of those saying that the team should also keep “Devil” as part of the team name. Personally we lean towards keeping the team name as is. The team is already referred to as “The Rays” about 90% of the time. As for the colors, we like the green although we are not fans of the green jersey. We are big fans of the grey jerseys with the green hats and undershirts and like the white jerseys. We have no opinion on changing the colors because we just aren’t sure what the new scheme would look like.

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  1. Mike says:

    Why hasn't the Edwin Jackson experiment ended yet...


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