We have no idea what he have gotten ourselves into today. We have always enjoyed a bit of anonymity here at
RI and on these here internets. But this morning, we stepped out a bit from behind the mask of “The Professor” and reveal that indeed most of the time that we are banging away on the keyboard, we in fact are not wearing pants. The fine folks over at My Baseball Bias, have started a weekly Radio show, “Beasts of the East – An AL EAST Radio Show“, and invited us to come on board and represent the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

The show is an hour long and will air every Saturday morning at 11:00 am over at BlogTalkRadio. If you are like us and not usually awake by 11:00 AM on a Saturday (stupid after-hours), the show will be archived and can be downloaded as a podcast. If you are up and care to join me in my typical Saturday morning hangover, the show does take call-ins and instant message questions/comments.

The first episode debuted this morning and you can listen to it above.

Beasts of the East – An AL EAST Radio Show – Debut Tomorrow Morning [MyBaseballBias] The Hits Keep Coming…[BlogTalkRadio]


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  1. Anonymous says:

    What does Maddon have against pinch-hitting?

    Today he let Pena bat against Embree in the 8th, and Paul bat against Street in the 9th.


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