It has been a rough week in the Devil Rays universe and what the Rays really need is a rainout to clear their heads. Well, the Rogers Center in Toronto has a roof so we are raining out today’s posts and hoping for a bit of transference. But we still wanted to stop by and remind everyone that the second edition of the “Beasts of the East: An AL East Radio Show” will be tomorrow morning at 11:00 am. If you are awake, stop by and feel free to heckle from the cheap seats. The show will also be available as a podcast afterwards.

Beasts of the East – An AL EAST Radio Show – Episode 2 [My Baseball Bias]



  1. Jason Lyman says:

    hey bro, love the site,very insightful and i agree with almost everything you say,I do have one request. update the corkboard!!!


  2. The Professor says:

    ask and you shall receive...Cork-Board is now updated


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