When we heard that Bugs & Cranks put together a list of players (from the last 24 years) and titled the post “Worst.Team.Ever” we admit we were skeptical. There have been a lot of terrible players in the last two decades, and surely they would overlook some obvious choices. Of course our second thought was they could just title the post “The 2002 Tampa Bay Devil Rays”. But when we saw that the ace of the staff was Dewon Brazelton we were instantly sold. Has there ever been a more overrated, under-performing, pile of poo? We seriously doubt it.

Nowadays Brazelton does not anger us anymore. We laughed when hebecame the Padres problem for a short period of time and posted a 12.00 ERA in two starts before being demoted. And of course we receive much joy from his 0-4 record and 7.11 ERA in 4 starts for the Royals AAA team. So we eagerly read what Bugs & Cranks had to say about the former Devil Ray. Surely it would brighten our day…

While Brazelton’s less than mediocre record alone would earn him a place in this rotation from hell, it’s the additional facts that cement his position at the top of the list. The third overall selection from the 2001 Draft, Brazelton was picked before fellow first-rounders Mark Teixeira and former Rookie of the Year Bobby Crosby, as well as current All-Star and MVP Candidate Grady Sizemore and San Diego pitcher Chris Young, both of whom went in the third round. Mix in some serious behavioural issues while with the Devils Rays and you can understand why Tampa’s 2005 Opening Day starter gets the call on this band of miscreants.

Excuse us for a moment. We need to go sit in the corner and cry.

Worst.Team.Ever.[Bugs & Cranks]



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