Boston Red Sox 20 10 7-3 W1
New York Yankees 14 16 6.0 6-4 L1 127
Tampa Bay Devil Rays 14 17 6.5 5-5 L1 126
Baltimore Orioles 14 18 7.0 3-7 L2 125
Toronto Blue Jays 13 18 7.5 2-8 L6 125

Mariners 3, Yankees 2. Instead of spending $28 million on a 45-year old starting pitcher, maybe the Yankees should find a new set up pitcher. Kyle Farnsworth, the man with a very fast, and very straight fastball has given up a run in 5 appearances this season. The latest was the tying run in the 8th with New York up 2-1. Mo Rivera than gave up a solo shot to Adrian Beltre in the 9th for the loss.

Indians 10, Orioles 1. The O’s are in prime form as they get ready to host the Devil Rays at Camden Yards on Tuesday. Steve Trachsel gave up only 1 run in 6 innings, and was pulled before the 7th inning. 4 relievers combined to give up 9 runs over the next three innings, in a very Tampa Bayian performance. Of course the difference is the Rays bullpen cost about $26 while the Orioles spent about $50 million on theirs.


  • The Yankees spent $46 million on Kei Igawa, and now he is the richest guy in single-A, as he was optioned to Tampa. This is the beauty of the Yankees. And by “beauty” we mean shitty. It is not that they can afford to pay Roger Clemens over $8,000 per pitch. No, the problem with baseball is that the Yankees can send a $46 million pitcher to the minors. How many other teams can afford to swallow high-priced mistakes.
  • Of course the biggest question we have is, “Who were the Yankees bidding against?” The Astros are going nowhere and the Red Sox didn’t need him.
  • This is why Yankees fans are crazy. They and their reporters suggest idiotic things LIKE THIS. Sure, let’s make Roger Clemens a reliever because Mo Rivera may be struggling. He hasn’t done it since college and I’m sure that is why the Yankees are paying him $28 million. Great idea. *banging head on desk*
  • Joe Torre was suspended for last night’s game and Scott Proctor was suspended for 4 games following an incident in Sundays game with Seattle in which Proctor threw at a batter. Proctor is appealing his suspension.


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