Boston Red Sox 17 9 6-4 W1
Toronto Blue Jays 13 14 4.5 5-5 L2 132
Tampa Bay Devil Rays 12 15 5.5 5-5 W1 131
Baltimore Orioles 12 16 6.0 1-9 L4 130
New York Yankees 10 14 6.0 2-8 W1 132

Red Sox 6, A’s 4. Josh Beckett has 6 starts. Josh Beckett has 6 wins. Roger who?

Tigers 3, Orioles 2
. Gary Sheffield is warming up and we couldn’t think of a better team for it hapen against than the O’s. A few days after being benched because of a slow start, Sheff went 4-4 with his 3rd home run. Steve Trachsel gave a rare strong performance by a Baltimore pitcher as he lasted 7 innings. Somehow Trachsel pitched 7 innings and the game last less than 6 hours.

Indians 7, Blue Jays 6 (11 inn). Victor Zambrano made his first start of 2007 and the Mets fans are still angry. He gave up 2 runs on 4 hits and 3 walks in just 2.2 innings. Travis Hafner won the game in the 11th with an RBI double against a defensive shift.


  • Things aren’t going so well in the South Bronx. Two days after giving the GM and the Manager a show of support, the Yankees fired their strength coach. The coach had zero experience with professional baseball players before the season and many of the players had already complained publicly. The hamstring injury to Phillip Hughes while in the midst of throwing a no-hitter, was the final straw.
  • Last season Roger Clemens signed with Houston on May 31. This year with all the pitching injuries on the Yankees roster, he may not be able to wait that long.
  • JD Drew missed a game with “viral symptons“, also known as “just being JD Drew”.
  • Adam Loewen is the latest AL East pitcher to feel pain in his arm. He is scheduled to see a doctor to determine the extent of the injury.


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