Boston Red Sox 21 10 7-3 W2
New York Yankees 15 16 6.0 7-3 W1 126
Baltimore Orioles 15 18 7.0 4-6 W1 124
Tampa Bay Devil Rays 14 18 7.5 5-5 L2 124
Toronto Blue Jays 13 19 8.5 2-8 L7 123

Yankees 8, Rangers 2
. How huge was Alex Rodriguez’s April? Last night he hit his first home run of May and he still leads the majors by 4 home runs over the nearest slugger. Meanwhile, the Yankees got a much-needed strong performance from Andy Pettite, who was obviously in a homoerotic state of euphoria now that his buddy Roger Clemens has signed with the Evil Empire once again.

Red Sox 9, Jays 2. The Jays have now lost 7 in a row and are the only thing keeping Rays fans from jumping off the band wagon completely. The bad news for the Jays is that they now know why Victor Zambrano doesn’t like to throw strikes. Before he was yanked with 2 outs in the 3rd inning, Zambrano had only walked 2 (that’s good for him) but he managed to give up 8 runs, courtesy of 4 home runs. Oh, by the way Josh Beckett now has 7 wins ins 7 starts this season. Can we just give him the Cy Young award now? We better, or soon the Pink Hat nation is going to want the award renamed in his honor.


  • David Ortiz is not sure if he took steroids as a youth. If he did, it sure didn’t help him in Minnesota.
  • Troy Glaus was named AL Player of the Week, which of course helped the Jays to exactly 0 wins during the week.
  • Roger Clemens will pitch at least one game in Tampa for the Tampa Yankees as he prepares for his coronation as the savior of the historic franchise.
  • Roger Clemens says that he was swayed to pitch for the Yankees based on something that George Steinbrenner said to him. Clemens refuse to elaborate about what was said until at least after the season. This make one wonder if this is not King George’s last season as the principal owner of the Yankees. He has been conspicuously less present in recent years and many have speculated on his health.


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