Boston Red Sox 26 12 7-3 L1
New York Yankees 18 20 8.0 5-5 W1 117
Toronto Blue Jays 18 22 9.0 5-5 W3 115
Baltimore Orioles 18 23 9.5 4-6 L5 114
Tampa Bay Devil Rays 17 22 9.5 4-6 W3 115

White Sox 5, Yankees 3 (gm 1)
. Mike Mussina gave up 5 runs in 5+ innings for the Spankees in game 1.

Yankees 8, White Sox 1 (gm 2). The Yankees salvaged a split in the nightcap as Bobby Abreu remembered that he makes $15 million for a reason. He hit his first home run since the second game of the season. Hideki Matsui had 3 hits and drove in 4. This was a huge win for the Yankees as their next six games are against the Mets and the Red Sox. How fun would it be if the Yankees were 10 back a week from now?

Blue Jays 2, Orioles 1
. AJ Burnett went the distance and struck out 10 in the game that somebody had to win. And the Orioles have yet another 5 game losing streak.


  • Alex Rodriguez is now 8-47 (.170) in his last 13 games as his average has fallen from .367 to .311. The slump may in part be due to the recent struggles of Jason Giambi who normally hits behind A-Rod.
  • Trying to shake the Yankees out of their recent funk, Joe Torre tried a new lineup last night. Alex Rodriguez did not hit 8th.
  • John Lester will get a start this weekend at AAA as the next step in his return from cancer.
  • The Top 10 Red Sox surprises of 2007, in pictures. #1 should have been a picture of a Yankees fan rambling on with every excuse in the book trying to explain that it is “still early” and “we’ll be fine” and “we just want to make the race exciting this year”. Oh wait. That’s not a surprise.
  • Josh Beckett will miss his start tomorrow, with just his latest blister problem.


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