Devil Rays 6, Yankees 4.
Show of hands…how many of you thought the inning was over when the Yankees brought in a side-arming lefty to face Carl Crawford with the bases loaded and 2 outs? Be honest. If you don’t have your hand raised you are lying to yourself and to us and now you have to carry a Hello Kitty back pack and bring us candy every day. Now…how many of you saw Shawn Camp enter the game with a runner on and no outs in the 8th with the Rays up 6-3, with Alex Rodriguez and Jason Giambi due up, and tasted vomit in your mouth? Get your hands up. Be honest…This team has something. We can’t quite put our finger on it yet, but boy can they look good some nights. We shouldn’t say this out loud but the Rays really are just two pitchers (1 starter and 1 reliever) away from…Nevermind. So, what is more likely? The Rays now head to Anaheim and Oakland for 5 games and come home for 6 games against the Twinkies and Oakland. Not an easy stretch at all. Do the Rays build on the momentum of their first series win of the season and the knowledge that they have taken 3 of 4 from the Evil Empire and club LA in the series opener? Or do they throw out a stinker tomorrow against the Angels and lose a 10-1 ballgame? Honestly, we have no clue at this point. But neither would surprise us.

  • Preliminary reports are that Akinori Iwamura will be out 4-6 weeks.
  • Shawn Camp has been a completely different pitcher his last 4 appearances. By different, we mean not the worst pitcher in baseball. Does this mean we have to stop making fun of him?
  • Jorge Cantu has embraced a move to first base. That is all fine and dandy, but if he wants to be an everyday major league first baseman, his 2005 numbers are a minimum. He is better off fixing his defensive short-comings at second.
  • Not sure how we missed this. We hope you will forgive us. The Dugout did a Devil Rays preview that is a tad dated but still worth the visit. There has been more than one occasion when we wished Casey Fossum was GettinADelmon.
  • Not to start everybody off in a depressed mood today, but has anybody noticed that Josh Hamilton is 5th in the NL in home runs with 5. Wish we hadn’t noticed.


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