• It is cold and rainy here in New York. We will see if we get this game off in time.
  • It is still to be determined if Jorge Cantu will ever play for the Rays again, but we can be fairly certain that he will never play second base for the Rays again. When Cantu reports to Durham, he is expected to primarily play DH. Also, Cantu was scheduled to be arbitration eligible at the end of the season. Depending on how long he is in the minors this season, he may lose that eligibility until after the 2008 season.
  • It’s not a good sign when the team’s just hopes the #2 starter will keep them in games. A good team would only say that about their #5 and possibly #4 starters.
  • Apparently the Tampa Bay Business Journal decided they needed a poll to show that Devil Rays attendance will increase if the team wins more games. TBBJ calls it the “Business Pulse Survey”. We call it the “No Shit Sherlock Survey”. That was money and time well spent.
  • Brendan Roberts of the Sporting News is a closet Devil Rays fan.
  • The Hardball Times looks at Scott Kazmir and other good young lefties.
  • There was more than one April Fool’s Day posts involving the Devil Rays, including one that said Carl Crawford was traded to the Braves, and had us do a double-take in our half asleep hangover state. However, that was not as entertaining as THIS one. We laugh because it is funny…we laugh because it is true.
  • 2004 18th round pick Jimmy Scholzen, a short stop, has reported to his first minor league camp 2 years after signing a contract with the Devil Rays. The Rays allowed Scholzen to complete his two year Mormon mission despite signing a professional contract.


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