Today we are debuting a new feature here at RI. We are calling it the “Tampa Bay Rays Cork-Board” (A few of you may pick up on the cheesy double-meaning behind the name. sorry, it had to be done). The Cork-Board, which will be found permanently located in the side-panel, is a real-time (sorta) picture of the entire Tampa Bay Devil Rays organization from the Parent club all the way down to rookie ball. The Cork-Board will include up-to-date rosters, starting lineups, current pitching rotations and links to current stats for all players. The Cork-board will also keep track of players on the 40-man roster and disabled lists in the majors and minors.

The purpose of the Cork-Board is to bring access to all the information in one central location. That being said, while we will try to keep the information updated on a daily basis, it will be inevitable that some moves in the minors will slip through the cracks. If you know of a transaction that has not been reflected in the Cork-Board, please drop us a line and let us know. Even if it just happened an hour ago.

We would love to take full credit for the idea and design of the Cork-Board. In reality, we modeled the Cork-Board off of the U.S.S. MarinerThe Big Board.” Even though the Seattle Mariners are as far away from the Devil Rays as one can get, U.S.S. Mariner is one of our favorite team blogs. The writing is top-notch and well worth the visit.


We understand that a lot of the “starters” are not everyday starters and we realize that a number of players listed on the “bench” do start on a regular basis. In addition, a number of players make regular appearances in the lineup at more than one position. We are only trying to convey a typical most-days lineup.

There are a handful of players that are still at extended spring training in Tampa and may be members of the lineups/rotations once they report to their ball clubs. The most prominent name is Jeremy Hellickson, who is to report to Columbus in two weeks.

The Tampa Bay Rays Cork-Board [Rays Index]
The Big Board [U.S.S. Mariner]


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is it just me, or is the cork board not working? I tried it with both Safari and Firefox browers. Got nothing but a blank screen.

    Sounds like a good idea though.

  2. The Professor says:

    Not sure what happened. Sometime in the middle of the night we lost the board. I have a second version of the board up and working now. Not exactly what I wanted, but it works and it will do for now.


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