A quick note to let everybody know that Manny Stiles will be live-blogging from the Trop tonight as the Devil Rays take on the Evil Empire. The game is also on ESPN.

HERE is the link. We will be there, and we will be reviewing his performance here tomorrow. Pressure’s On Manny!



  1. Anonymous says:

    Funny he picks one of the few games broadcast on ESPN to live blog. Maybe he could pick one that the whole world won't be able to see? You Rays fans are truly one of a kind.

  2. The Professor says:

    generally we agree that a live-blog is better when used in the absence of being able to see the game. We generally will try to keep our live-blogs to weekday, day games or special night games.

    however, the live-blog can also be used just as well as a suppliment to watching/listening to the game. Kinda like an Open Game Thread, with a moderator.

    You dont turn the volume off of the TV just bc you can see it. The live-blog is just another "voice" and hopefully a more entertaining one than your typical color commentator.


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