Either we are getting old or we just don’t watch network TV on the weekends anymore. The Rays are going to be featured on This Week in Baseball. We didn’t even realize that TWIB was still on. Does Mel Allen host the show from beyond the grave?

The TWIB producers miked up Carl Crawford before a recent game and followed him around during pregame warm-ups and batting practice. The show also catches up with Delmon Young, whom they apparently featured when he was a 14-year old high schooler in California.

The feature will also include the top 5 “things you don’t know about the Devil Rays.” Some of the thing we hope make the list include:

  • Is anybody on the Rays old enough to remember Mel Allen?
  • Who on the Devil Rays is best at “Making it Rain”?
  • If Delmon Young could hit any of his teammates with a bat, who would it be?
  • If you were to rank the Devil Rays pitchers based on talent, would Elijah Dukes be in the top 5? Would Jae Seo be in the top 20?
  • Is it true that Edwin Jackson forgets to ut the rose in front when he puts on the garter on days he pitches?
  • Is BJ Upton legally blind when holding a baseball?


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