Boston Red Sox 7 4 7-3 W3
Toronto Blue Jays 7 5 0.5 6-4 W1 151
Baltimore Orioles 7 6 1.0 7-3 W4 150
New York Yankees 5 6 2.0 4-6 L1 150
Tampa Bay Devil Rays 5 8 3.0 3-7 L1 148
Red Sox 7, Angels 2. The Red Sox played their annual Patriot’s Day morning noon tilt, and once again the winning time of the marathon was quicker than the game itself. Oh, and Josh Beckett won his third straight start and Pink Hat fans everywhere are already screaming Cy Young. Big Papi hit his 4th home run.
  • Chase Wright has two starts above A-ball but will make his major league debut at Yankee Stadium tonight. Nothing like just throwing a child in the middle of the lake filled with piranhas to see if they can swim.
  • We have all seen the now-famous pizza throwing incident from yesterday’s Red Sox game, but can somebody explain to me why it happened? They were both Sox fans and he kept an Angels player from catching a foul ball. Shouldn’t the guy have bought him a beer instead? Sox Fans *shaking head*.
  • The excuses are starting to come already as to why Daisuke Matsuzaka has not thrown two perfect games in his first two starts. Apparently they use a much different ball in Japan.
  • Former Devil Rays shortstop Julio Lugo is impressing people in Boston.
  • The Jays’ Reed Johnson will be out until at least July after having surgery to repair a herniated disk.
  • Not a good week for the Blue Jays as Troy Glaus and BJ Ryan were also placed on the DL.
  • Marshall Bradway of RealGM Baseball suggests that the Devil Rays sacrifice long-term success in an effort to field the best possible team now. Hmmm? Not likely to happen.


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  1. Marshall Bradway says:

    Hi, I'm Marshall Bradway from RealGM. I just re-read your previous statement and I wanted you to realize thats not what I said. I said you can better the current major league team by getting rid of some upper tier minor leaguers who play the same postions as other up and coming players. My example was having Evan Longoria and Joel Guzman who are both 3B. You already have a SS of the future in Brignac, BJ Upton playing 2B, and your only power threats in Pena and Wigginton playing 1B and DH. What are you going to do with Joel Guzman when the 3B job becomes Longoria's? His value will be lower and hes only going to have so many options/contract years with the club. You trade him now to get the peak value you possibly could knowing full well that Longoria has a bigger upside and will be the starter of the future. Another starter or two and the Devil Rays would stand a real chance of doing damage in the American League.


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