Last year, Aaron Goldstein of the Intellectual Conservative, became the first person in the history of the universe to predict that the Tampa Bay Devil Rays would win the World Series…and he was serious. Well, we all know how that turned out…Juuust a bit outside. The Devil Rays in fact did not win the World Series in 2006. However, Mr. Goldstein can take solace in the fact that the D-Rays did come close. They were only 36 games behind the Yankees in the AL East, with a final record of 61-101. If the Rays could have just made up those 36 games and made it to the playoffs, we think the Rays would have come through for Mr. Goldstein.

Whiles having a prediction go that far awry would scare lesser people away from making any predictions ever again….Aaron Goldstein is no lesser person. He is back! And he is laying his bold and wacky baseball predictions on us one more time. Would Mr. Goldstein stick to his 2006 predictions and have the Rays winning it all in 2007? He’s not that loco. But neither is he going to cower to the masses and predict a team that others are predicting to win. In fact, sticking to his MO, he predicts a team that nobody else has picked to win the world series.

This time it is tonight’s opponent, the Texas Rangers. His main reason appears to be Buck Showalter. Everywhere Buck has managed, teams have gone on to win the World Series the year after he left. Of course the D-Backs had Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson the year they won the series and the Yankees had a couple of decent players in 1996.

The Rangers are currently 2-4 and in last place of the AL West. It will be fun to see if the Rangers finish last in 2007. This could turn out to be an annual jinx, much like the Maddon cover curse.

So where does he think the Devil Rays will finish in 2007? Dead last in the AL East…There is hope after all.

The Buck Showalter Effect: My Predictions for the 2007 Major League Baseball Season [Intellectual Conservative]



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