The Tampa Bay Devil Rays just announced a new business partnership with AlphaTrade. As part of the agreement, fans will be able to send text messages that will appear on the Rays new scoreboard this season.

We have been unable to confirm whether the Rays have also hired the ESPN intern in charge of comment deleting. We have a funny feeling that whoever is in charge of filtering the messages will be very busy, especially when the Rays are in the process of losing 10-2 to the Rangers in mid-August. Let’s face it fans do silly things when they are drunk and angry.

Some messages that we are bound to see…

Hey you. The one girl sitting in section 206. You’re hot.

Who wants to see a picture of Sean Salisbury’s Lil’ Friend?

Delmon, would you please throw your bat at Dick Vitale

Rays suck!

Has anybody seen my cell phone?

Matt Silverman. Buy Me! Buy Me!

When does football season start?

Any other suggestions?


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  1. J Rose says:

    Other possible comments include:

    -Papa Joe, wake up!

    -Hey BJ, throw one to me

    -Can I pitch now?

    -Screw the free parking, how 'bout some WINS!


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