Last week we were a bit critical of Dayn Perry of for predicting ten teams that could surprise in 2007. Our point was that he really wasn’t going out on a limb by picking ten of approximately 14 teams that could possibly surprise.

So what does Perry do for an encore? He names four “Teams with no hope for success.” That’s all fine and dandy…but two of the ten teams that Perry had named as potential surprises in 2007 are also on the new list and apparently have “no hope” including our hapless Tampa Bay Devil Rays (the other team on both lists is the Baltimore Orioles).

So Dayn…which is it? Could the Rays be a surprise team in 2007? Or do they have no hope for success? In the first article he was not suggesting that the Rays would contend for the playoffs. Rather, he was making the point that even a win total in the mid-70s would be a surprise. If it would be considered a positive “surprise” wouldn’t it also be considered a “success” for a franchise that has never won more than 70 games and finished with the worst record in baseball in 2006?

We fully expect Dayn Perry to write an article next week entitled “30 teams that could win the World Series”


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  1. Jason McAdams says:

    Another idiot with a column. How this guy gets his stuff published is beyond me.

    I've been reading his "Top Ten" garbage and it's downright laughable.


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