Normally we begin the day with The Hangover, but something has come to our attention that just couldn’t wait. Buried at the bottom of a longer article on the growth of the Rays as a franchise is a tidbit that made our jaw hit the keyboard.

In what might be (Matt) Silverman’s boldest and most compassionate task, he’s exploring the possible public resurrection of Vince Naimoli – the guy who helped bring the Rays franchise here, then so successfully alienated this region’s entire fan base.

A public relations expert is working with Naimoli, who has an office at the Trop. Can Vince be redeemed? Are we heading to the World Series? In baseball, anything’s possible.

That sound you just heard was thousands of Rays fans gasping in unison.

Let us reiterate what you just read. Matt Silverman has hired a public relations expert to work with the Rays former managing general partner Vince Naimoli in a possible move to reestablish him in the public eye. And how is that going to be good for the team or the fans? More importantly, how is the new front office supposed to lift The Curse of LaMar-Naimoli if Vince Naimoli still has an office at the Trop? This is not the way we wanted to start our Monday.

Raising the Rays right [St. Pete Times]



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