• Remember when the Rays were 1-14? Another win last night on a walk-off single by Elijah Dukes in the 10th and the Rays have now won 5 of 7. B. J. Upton had two RBI and two more hits and now has his spring average up to .277. Casey Fossum might just fool us all and be healthy going four innings last night.
  • Joe Maddon hopes that Rocco Baldelli and his sensitive hamstrings will be back in the lineup by Monday.
  • Dioner Navarro was back behind the plate last night for three innings. He will have today off and resume full time duties tomorrow.
  • Joe Maddon made official what Rays fans already knew. The battle for the 5th spot in the rotation is down to two, Edwin Jackson and J. P. Howell.
  • Metsblog found an interesting quote from Jae Seo in a Korean publication. I really want to finish my career as a Met. But ’til then I’d like to stay in Tampa because I love the coaching staffs and trainers here.
  • Hee-Seop Choi has been assigned to minor league camp. Choi was only 3-19 this spring, appearing in 12 games.
  • Devil Rays poetry? Anybody know what is going on here?
  • The thought of Jae Seo being a professional soccer or basketball player makes us giggle.
  • That Jim Caplehe so funny. Tell us Jim. When was the last time the Rays traded a player before he was arbitration eligible?

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  1. Jake Larsen says:

    I guess Caple has the Rays confused for the Marlins....

    Good points on all, Cork.

    Also, I hear you wrote another Season Preview(this time for SI)...my burning question, any mention of DRB? Hehehe, damn I'm a gloryhound


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