Anybody else think that Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito throws harder than Casey Fossum. Alito put on a Rays uniform and threw out the first pitch before the Rays-Phils games yesterday. [Insert cheesy “right”-handed joke here]

  • The Rays suffered two more ugly losses during split-squad action, falling to the Twins and the Phillies (Damn we hate losing to Philadelphia in anything). The most promising news was that Brian Stokes, Jason Hammel and Edwin Jackson all looked solid in their quest for the fifth spot in the rotation. They combined to throw seven shutout innings, allowing only four hits and one walk. Actually, the pitching has been solid overall, ranking fourth in most major pitching categories in AL.
  • Akinori Iwamura picked up his first hit and RBI on an excuse-me single. Just remember, it only takes one of those a week to make the difference between hitting .250 and .300 over the course of a season.
  • Can it be a coincidence that the Nationals are considered the worst team in baseball that could lose 110 games AND they have Chuck LaMar on the payroll? We think not. The Curse of LaMar-Naimoli lives! Chris Needham thinks this is a good thing for the Nationals. huh? Chris, my pal. RUN! Run fast. LaMar is an evil, evil man. If you think things are bad now, you have no idea. Get out while you’re still young. You’ll thank us. [p.s. The Nationals already have three players on the DL that will miss the beginning of the regular season. Let’s hope the Curse has been transferred and not just a reincarnation]
  • Whoever wrote THIS sub-headline must have Gotten A Delmon.

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  1. Chris Needham says:

    You're misreading me on Chuck. I'd prefer he was still ruining your guy's dreams... ok, maybe not. Maybe the Mets!

    There was a SI rumor piece last week saying that Jim Bowden was on the way out and that Lamar could be his replacement as GM. The excerpt you picked up was expressing my relief in him saying that he had no interest in the GM job; he just wants to be a scout.

  2. The Professor says:

    Yes I know...but Chuck LaMar has a way of ruining anything he comes within 5 miles of. I wouldn't want him sweeping the locker room. Yes, it is a good thing he is not your GM. But as long as he is in the organization, and he has front office "experience" you have to be worried that he will have a more important role in the future.


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