• Apparently the Rays have regressed to the point that a pitcher allowing two hits and a walk in one inning of work is “solid“. And the hits losses just keep on comin’.
  • Those fiesty Tiggers…they just don’t know when it is just an exhibition. For the second time in two days, Detroit was involved in an exchange of gunfire beanballs.
  • WE GOT OUR RULE 5 PICK BACK! WE GOT OUR RULE 5 PICK BACK!! What? Who the hell is Nick DeBarr? What about Josh Hamilton? Damn It. OK, we do know who Nick DeBarr is. DeBarr had some success as a reliever in Visalia last season after missing all of 2005 to have Tommy John surgery. The Red Sox took a flier on him in the Rule 5 draft and decided yesterday that he wasn’t going to make the squad so they returned him to the Rays. DeBarr appeared in only one game for the Sox this Spring, pitching one shutout inning, allowing one hit.
  • Papa Joe Maddon says that he is looking for a first baseman that will produce runs and is less concerned about his defensive abilities. So then why did Travis Lee receive so much playing time last season? Dick Vitale could have produced more offense that Lee.
  • Joe Maddon and Andrew Friedman are expected to make their first cuts today.
  • Dioner Navarro and his sore hamstring are likely to return to the lineup by the end of the week. Personally we hate hamstrings. For an athlete they are the worst muscle. The feel great and then they pop again at the most unexpected moments. The legs are obviously an important component for a catcher, but they also tend to be very flexible creatures (even when they are built like Lil’ Pudge). Still, we hope and trust that they are not rushing Navarro back as we have this scary thought in the back of our head that this could be a nagging problem as season.
  • Yet another feel-good story about Shawn Riggans. When should we expect the Sunday night movie: The Shawn Riggans Story? Luckily we are running out of local newspapers that can regurgitate the same piece we have already read five times.


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