• Papa Joe Maddon is going to tighten the reigns on his young team this season and is not afraid to get in a players face, just don’t expect to read about it in the paper. Team owner Stuart Sternberg is glad that none of the players Got A Delmon from Papa Joe, even though they may have deserved it at times.
  • At the end of THIS post is some video footage of Akinori Iwamura from Japan. Granted the video is only of home runs, but we like his swing. There is definite similarity to Ichiro’s swing except he appears to get better extension, while Ichiro has a more compact swing. The swing is effortless and level and Muu-Rah uses the whole ballpark, hitting a lot of opposite-field home runs. Once he adjusts to Major League pitchers he is going to hit home runs. He will never hit mid-40s but he probably can hit 30.
  • We all love the Rays outfield. But what do they think about each other? Love, man…nothin’ but love.
  • Joe Maddon wants Carlos Pena to know that he doesn’t have to pull everything to hit home runs. Using the whole field will go a long ways to cutting down on his strikeouts. The Detroit News is skeptical.
  • With the addition of Osprey-killer, Jae-Kuk Ryu, FanNation decided to look back at all the troublemakers that the Rays have had on their roster in the team’s history (and the list is not as short as you would hope). They don’t even include Jose Canseco, who, surprisingly, was a model citizen for the Rays.
  • Stuart Sternberg is trying to sell the Rays as a promotional opportunity to local businesses. He also stated that the team will not market the team to Japan and only expects a small bump in attendance in response to the signing of Akinori Iwamura.


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