• The Rays lost again. This time to the Pirates 5-2. There were two big story lines. What may be three-fifths of the rotation after the all-star break, Scott Kazmir, Mitch Talbot and Jeff Niemann all struggled and surrendered runs. The other big story was Dioner Navarro who strained a hamstring running the base paths. It doesn’t sound serious but let’s hope that the Curse of Lamar-Naimoli is not rearing its ugly head.
  • 22.50…The amount Matt Silverman paid us to blog about the Rays this year? No. Actually it is the ERA for Jeff Ridgway so far.
  • Scott Kazmir may be a bit rusty on the mound, but he feels good at the plate. That’s important in the AL.
  • Shawn Riggans is beating himself up pretty good in his effort to supplant Josh Paul as the team’s backup catcher. We still say it is a long shot, at best.
  • Cubs pitchers issued 10 walks in one game. Afterwards, Rays pitchers sent sympathy cards.
  • So if Matt Silverman bought each fan for $535, how much would it cost to fill the Trop? $24,075,000…Or about the same amount as the Rays opening day 40-man payroll.
  • Its a good thing Jason Hammel is a professional baseball player. If not, he would be unemployed.
  • Now that the Rays are in bed with Bugs Bunny and Co., does this mean that if they ever make a movie about Elijah Dukes life, he will played by the Tasmanian Devil? And who would play Papa Joe Maddon? Elmer Fudd of course.

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  1. Jason McAdams says:

    Do you really think they bring Neimann up this year. He hasn't pitched at AAA yet and control/injury concerns are an issue as well. Great prospect, but needs more time.

    Your thoughts?

  2. The Professor says:

    Two thoughts.

    most thought that Niemann was just about Major League-ready out of college. He is a big power right hander. Power pitchers really dont need that much seasoning. He looked strong at the end of last season. So at this point it is just a matter of getting him a few starts and getting him some confidence against more advanced hitters. He really doesnt need any further development. he just needs to make sure he has his location and touch since the injury.

    the only question appears to be "when?" expect the same path as James Shields last season. About 8-10 starts at Durham and then promoted at first opportunity. The interesting thing will be if somebody goes down to an injury in the first couple of weeks. my guess is they will go with somebody else and practice just a little more patience with Niemann.


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