We didn’t think it would be possible, but it looks like Casey Fossum has come up with a way to throw even slower than he did last season.

  • Another game, and another solid performance by a Korean pitcher named Jae. Jae Seo made his first appearance of the Spring and pitched two perfect innings. Of course the bullpen turned in another horrid performance with Rudy Lugo, having his second consecutive poor performance and Chris Seddon combining to allow seven base runners and four runs in the final two innings.
  • Some love for the Rays over at Sports Illustrated. In this preseason preview of the Rays, John Donovan refers to this group of Rays as the most talented assembly in the short history of the franchise. You gotta love this quote from our cuddly teddy bear Elijah Dukes

We’re good. Now. We have a bunch of guys who are going to want to show up to play. I believe that, this year, we can play over .500 ball.

  • Josh Hamilton’s appearance against the Rays today will not happen because he is suffering from shin splints. and not because he is afraid to hit two home runs and embarrass his former team.
  • Casey Fossum is further along than Joe Maddon thought he would be. Fossum is particularly impressed with himself because he is not hitting batters (not that is would hurt anybody). We still have a feeling that Fossum will start the season on the DL. That means there is probably going to be two openings in the rotation for the five pitchers that are competing for a spot.
  • For all of the Rays that are still here from the 2005 roster, do NOT let them read this article about Lou Piniella. They might start twitching. Is calling him “Sweet Lou” the same thing as calling a large person “Tiny”?


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