• Another day…another loss. James Shields was shaky in the first, but settled down and retired nine of the final ten he face. He struck out five in four innings.
  • Seth McClung had a rough outing and Joe Maddon made it clear that he has not decided who the closer is yet. If McClung continues to be inconsistent, Al Reyes is going to start getting some serious consideration.
  • Ruddy Lugo is blaming his rough start to Spring Training to rust from not pitching in winter ball during the off-season. Seven hits, one walk and four runs in four innings, is a lot of rust.
  • Oh boy! It’s the day we have all be waiting for. Today is like Christmas morning and what has Santa brought for us? Casey Fossum! Fossum returns to the mound today against the Tiggers. We are setting the over/under on his “hardest” pitch at 82 miles per hour. By “hardest” we of course mean “least soft”. Let’s face it, Fossum is the only major league pitcher whose arsenal does not include a fastball.
  • Papa Joe Maddon is having some t-shirts printed (for the players?) that will read “No regurgitation – Tell me what you think, not what you heard.” No regurgitation? Maybe he should have some printed for the fans. Only problem is they will tell you what they think and they will regurgitate (not necessarily in that order).
  • Just an interesting tidbit we picked up listening to yesterday’s game on WHNZ 1250. Yesterday’s opponent, the Houston Astros, are the only team the Rays have never faced during the regular season. We are too lazy to look it up, so we will take their word for it. Can anybody verify that for us? For example, have the Rays already faced all of the NL West teams during interleague play?


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